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Ms Marvel Episode 1 Review: Iman Vellani Is A Breath Of Fresh Air As MCU's First South Asian Superhero

Ms Marvel Review: Ms Marvel is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar. The new episode will release on Wednesday every week.

By Ashita Singh
Thu, 09 Jun 2022 09:07 PM IST
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Ms Marvel Episode 1 Review: Iman Vellani Is A Breath Of Fresh Air As MCU's First South Asian Superhero

New Delhi | Simran Srivastav: Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney+ introduced their first-ever South Asian and Muslim Superhero Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel. From the very first scene, the viewers are introduced to Kamala, a 16-year-old Muslim girl, who is full of life, enthusiasm and energy. Just like almost every teenager, she lives in her fantasy world and is also a die-hard fan of Captain Marvel. She has a different viewpoint on life as compared to her strict mother but finds a support system in her cool dad and elder brother. Also, her best friend Bruno is her partner in crime and will do anything to support her.

The first scene starts with Kamala fangirling over Captain Marvel, and we hear 'Blinding Lights' by The Weekend playing in the background, which gives us a gist of Kamala's magical world. Episode 1 was more focused on Kamala's family, her friendship with Bruno and her love for Captain Marvel. As a diehard Captain Marvel fan, Kamala decides to attend Avengercon, much to her parent's disapproval.

So, she makes a plan with Bruno and sneaks out of her house to attend the event and participate in a Cosplay competition dressed as Captain Marvel. Things do not go as expected when she gains superpowers at the Avengerscon after wearing her grandmother's bracelet.

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan shines throughout the episode and makes you believe in her character with her overall on-screen presence. You will feel happiness in her eyes when she enters the Avengercon and also her frustration as a Gen Z teenager due to everyone's expectations of her.

Zenobia Shroff and Mohan Kapur convincingly played the role of Kamala's parents, and many South Asians will get reminded of their own parents after watching them. Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli was also impressed as Kamala's intelligent best friend.

Ms Marvel will also remind you of another Disney+ movie 'Turning Red' with a similar setting of an Asian teenager, who gets superpowers from her family lineage. The audience might think of Spiderman after watching Kamala as just like Peter Parker, Kamala is also a regular teenager trying to figure out her life.

Everything associated with Kamala's character is beautifully portrayed in this episode like Captain Marvel posters in her room, the Avengers t-shirt she wears, animations or doodles on the wall when she talks about superheroes and many more things. Her conversation with Bruno about sneaking out of her house is shot in a very stylised manner with animated graffiti on walls, diary and board.

The Desi approach in this episode will be relatable to many South Asian viewers as you will hear many Hindi and Urdu words and songs throughout the episode. Moreover, it does a good job of establishing the cultural tone. The scenes are shot beautifully and colourfully which reflects the fantasy world of Kamala.

From the animated doodles to the vibrant colours to stylised camera shots, the 45-minute episode will keep you hooked and engaged. Also, stay tuned at the end of the episode for the end credit scene and a good rap song. Ms Marvel is a breath of fresh air in phase four of MCU.

Cast: Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, Yasmeen Fletcher, Saagar Shaikh, Laurel Marsden, Farhan Akhtar, Fawad Khan and Azhar Usman.

Creator: Bisha K. Ali

Streaming On: Disney+Hotstar

Rating: 4/5

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