New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: In one of the most remarkable conclusions of a successful franchise with global fan base, Netflix’s 'Money Heist' came to an end with the release of second volume of its season 5. Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) over-the-edge zeal to vindicate the grand-old-belief that ‘Professor always has Plan B’, finds itself in incredibly high-worth and equally unexpected challenges at the biggest moments of reckoning in the last couple of episodes of show.

With Lisbon and Palermo inside the Royal Mint of Spain with others, Professor this time had too much on his plate to make the Royal Mint heist a success.

Tokyo’s (Silene Oliveira) evocative and at times heartbreaking narration tops the optimal of emotions and brilliantly revolves the moral compass to the side of every character that matters. Tokyo, despite her obvious absence from the scene, amplifies her capability to create the moments worthy of goose bumps and for ones with sensitive hearts, her narration creates the moments worth shedding a tear or two too.

But it’s the Professor, Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) and this time in the Volume 2, former policewoman Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) who end up becoming the show stealers. You end up discovering more layers in Professor’s character and while that isn’t a surprise in itself, it puts the show on a different trajectory of thrill and jaw dropping moments altogether. This is exactly what keeps La casa de papel (Money Heist) to live up and above its standard of being the show with a difference. This is the exact difference, which despite its logical fallacies at so many points, keeps you hooked and wanting for more from the show and its characters.

While the audience craved for more from the show, the makers seem to have given everything they could with a balanced background score matching the moments of thrill.

The show explores more defining equations between Professor and Berlin in the final volume, evoking a different aura of Money Heist’s two most brilliantly written characters. Berlin’s moments of vulnerability are as different as Berlin himself, enough to give you a genuine audience gratification quotient.

The biggest global successes of OTT or Television – whether sitcoms, fantasy or crime dramas – have carried forward their legacy with spinoffs. ‘Big Bang Theory’ continues to be carried forward with ‘Young Sheldon’, ‘Breaking Bad’ with ‘Better call Saul’, and HBO is reportedly planning at least three more spinoffs of Game of Thrones in addition to ‘House of the Dragon’. Spinoffs after show’s conclusion have come to be known as marker of success of a franchise in modern pop culture.

Money Heist also has this marker of success with Netflix scheduled to release a spinoff based on Berlin’s character in 2023. The show finds a commanding conclusion in series finale. Its legacy deserves to taken forward with an equally commanding spinoff.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 is streaming on Netflix.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma