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Mere Sai Fame Anaya Soni Seeks Financial Aid After Kidney Failure

Mere Sai actress Anaya Soni has been diagnosed with Kidney failure. Her father also revealed that the family is going through financial crisis.

Mere Sai Fame Anaya Soni Seeks Financial Aid After Kidney Failure
Image Credits: Ananya Soni/Instagram

Anaya Soni, famous for appearing in the show 'Mere Sai' has been battling a health condition crisis. If media reports are to be believed, then the actress fainted on the show's set and was immediately taken to the hospital. The father of the actress also revealed that the family is facing a major financial crisis.

As per AajTak's report, the actress was supposed to go to the hospital for a check-up on Monday. However, prior to that she fainted on the set and was rushed to the hospital. Now, the shoot of the show has been halted. Soni's father in conversation with the portal said that the doctors have claimed that the kidney of the actress is not working fine, and needs to be replaced. Currently, Soni is surviving on dialysis.

Further, her father also talked about the financial crisis the family is facing and how he would arrange money for his daughter's treatment.

Back in 2021, the actress suffered Kidney failure as well and asked for financial aid.

Speaking to ETimes, she had said, “I have been living on one kidney since 2015. My both kidneys failed 6 years ago and my father donated a kidney to me. Suddenly, the donated kidney deteriorated and I need a fresh kidney transplant. I never dreamt of such a situation when I was doing shows like Naamkarann and Crime Patrol."

“My mom had a garments business. My brother was doing well. Her clothes and his machines got all burnt some time ago when my house caught fire. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya (everything is destroyed). We are just hand-to-mouth now," she further added.

Further, her family is also looking for a suitable donor.

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