Jagran Entertainment Desk: Superstar Rishi Kapoor in a recent interview has revealed that he lost 26 kilos battling cancer in New York and he is just one treatment away from returning home.

The actor spoke how things have changed drastically for him in the last nine months during treatment.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Rishi Kapoor spoke that after starting the treatment he lost 66 kilograms body weight and he had no appetite for the first four months. He is still under treatment and managed to regain 7-8 kilos, he added.

In a statement, the 66-year-old actor revealed that the cancer was detected in New Delhi last year.

"The problem was detected when I was shooting in Delhi and was required to dye my hair white. I was told to immediately rush to the Sloan Kettering Hospital. Thankfully, my health started improving week after week, month after month... I had lost 26 kg as I had no appetite for the first four months. Now, I've gained seven-eight kg. I don't want to look too lean, but I haven't gone back to my original self either. Thank God for that, " Rishi Kapoor was quoted as saying to the Mumbai Mirror.

"I am perfect now. The cancer is in remission, but I am still under treatment. The problem is not the treatment but the reaction time. There is a six-week gap between one treatment and the next when all you can do is eat, shop, watch movies, live a normal life which I would rather do at home than here in New York, " Kapoor elaborated.

The veteran actor also shared that he is feeling nostalgic and hopes to be back in India by the end of September.

The Rajma Chawal actor said, "It's been nine months and 16 days - I know since I have been counting the days - that I have been away. I really miss home. I have to be here for 11 months, so I will not be back before the end of August. I am waiting to come back and raring to get going. I am hoping that I can plan an end-August return but all this talk that I will be back in early September for my birthday, is again nothing but speculation."

He thanked his spouse Neetu Kapoor for standing by him during such a tough time. "It's been a difficult time, very taxing, but Neetu (wife), and my children (Ranbir and Riddhima) have been very supportive. I am grateful to everyone," he added.

Rishi Kapoor will be next seen in Jhootha Kahin Ka for which he had already completed his shoot prior to leaving for the US.

Posted By: James Kuanal