New Delhi | Sanyukta Baijal: To all the fans of Little Things, this is the last time we all are going to meet Dhruv and Kavya. Well, that hit hard didn't it? The excitement was the same between the duo when they met after a long time in Kerala post temporarily parting ways in the 3rd season. Although the flow of emotions that fans were expecting didn't quite go in the direction as one might have planned before starting season 4. Just like the previous part, the amount of tiffs, professional stress and the to-be or not-to-be marrying has been a constant point of focus throughout. 

Be it the awkwardness that grew a bit more between Dhruv and Kavya after staying apart in long-distance or the two fighting over every small little discomfort was portrayed like no fictional love story has ever done. Being a die-hard romantic if you are wondering to catch some lovey-dovey moments between this urban, new-age couple then let us warn you that it can come as a disappointment. However, the two manage to balance the relationship by realising their mistake and being supportive at the end of the fight. But still, their journey is far far away from a typical Bollywood love saga which is entangled with intense romance and mushy scenes. 

Just like their relationship, there were a lot of positives about the series as well. And one of them was Mithila Palkar's usual chirpy and happy-go-lucky vibe which fans missed in a few episodes previously. Talking about Dhruv, despite his frustration from dealing with nothingness, he was pretty much able to look convincing in a millennial metropolitan guy who is able to fix his life and figure out stuff. 

Apart from Dhruv and Kavya's too-comfortable-to-be-romantic sort of chemistry, what caught our attention was both the set of semi-modern parents. Offcourse lauding the fact that the fours were endorsed as a mid-age couple who are fine with their kids' live-in relationship. But besides that, it was commendable that there were other traits that writers tried to highlight in them.

It was almost as if they were living and going through daily ups and downs with their own middle-aged married lives. However, watching the couples' fights and arguments can be a little overbearing for viewers this time. But despite their endless banters and a plethora of nagging, there were a few feel-good moments that were enough for one to curb one's hunger of seeing them happy together. 

Prepped with a mixture of fights and emotions, a pinch of discomfort and romance garnished on top, you don't want to miss this last recipe of Little Things. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal