New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Laughter is the best medicine! Indeed, laughter has become so scarce that it has become medicine to pull people out of stress or depression. In the race to achieve success, people have forgotten to enjoy their life. Nowadays, health experts suggest people be happy and practice laughing every day. Not just this, there are dedicated classes such as 'laughter yoga' to make people laugh. To aware people about the benefits of laughter, we observe National Let's Laugh Day across the globe. Every year, on March 19, we celebrate the day and remind people to add little humour to their stressful day. As per studies, laughter boosts our immune system, relieve tension and help us relax. It is contagious and can uplift the mood of people or a place. Not just this, even a burst of fake laughter can work wonders in keeping you healthy mentally.

Do you know, by laughing for good 10 minutes or longer, one can burn between 10-40 calories? Yes, you read that right, isn't this an amazing way to cut down those rigid calories even without sweating in the gym for months.

Even if you stay alone, then, also, you can practice laughter by watching funny videos or a comedy movie. It will not just enlighten your mood but will also keep your brain at rest mood. Now, as the day is right around the corner, we have brought you some hilarious Bollywood movie clippings that will make you go ROFL.

Here have a look:


Well, every day, should be filled with laughter. However, in this competitive world, stress has mounted on the minds of people, pushing them to lead a non-healthy life. With this series of videos, we hope that it must have helped you uplifting your mood.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv