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'Way Of Saying Alvida To Old Self': Adnan Sami On Archiving Instagram Posts

After Adnan archived all his posts, fans started to speculate that he is leaving the music industry. Read to know more.

By Mallika Mehzabeen
Updated: Mon, 08 Aug 2022 12:00 AM IST
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'Way Of Saying Alvida To Old Self': Adnan Sami On Archiving Instagram Posts
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Singer Adnan Sami has been in the headlines for quite some time now. Whether it is the singer's weight loss transformation or the archived Instagram posts, Adnan has managed to grab eyeballs. Recently, the singer left many of his fans stunned when archived all his posts on Instagram and shared a video, titled Alvida.

As soon as the singer achieved all his posts, several fans started speculating whether he is leaving the industry or if there was any other reason. However, to calm his fans, the singer dropped his new track titled, Alvida.

Recently, the singer talked about the song and shared that the song is the commencement of a new phase of my musical journey.

“My whole mindset has changed over the last couple of years. Alvida is the commencement of the new phase of my musical journey. I am very proud of my past songs, I have beautiful memories, and I am grateful for it, but I wanted to get a hold of all my previous posts. This song is for all my fans and the audiences who have bestowed their support & endless love over the years. Alvida is my own way of saying goodbye to my old self and welcoming ‘Adnan 2.0.’ I’m really elated with the amount of love and affection I have received. with open arms," Sami was quoted as saying by News18.

The main intention of the singer was to start things on a fresh note. However, his idea of archiving all his posts backfired, and fans misunderstood his intentions.

“Some of my fans thought I was leaving social media, some thought I was leaving India, some thought I was leaving the music industry, and some even thought that I was leaving life. A lot of people commented asking me to be strong. The silver lining in all this was seeing the enormous amount of love, and concern people showed that overwhelmed me. I was deeply touched by it, it felt so nice to be loved so much," the singer further added.

“I have been very busy getting ready for a new phase of my musical journey. I have been composing a lot of music, and as a result of one of the compositions, I want to create songs that are soulful. Hopefully, I won’t be taking such big breaks from now on." Adnan said.

For the unversed, Adnan recently released his new song Alvida.

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