New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Expressing shock over the ‘new avatar’ of Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in a tweet said that I don’t recognise this new Kangana. Adding the clip of her explosive interview after the release of Manikarnika at the Mumbai airport, Kashyap wrote: “I saw Kangana’s interview yesterday. She used to be a very good friend of mine at one time. She used to encourage me by coming for my films. But I do not know this new Kangana.”

Tweeting in Hindi, filmmaker Anurag also mentioned that the power of fame and success can affect anybody, whether it’s about an insider or an outsider. He also added, “Before 2015 he had never heard Kangana say things like, "Learn from me, be like me," and since then to now, everyone who does not side with Kangana is mean and a sycophant.”In a series of tweets, the filmmaker told Team Kangana that it is enough and if the actress's close family and friends cannot see what she is doing, then Kangana probably does not have anyone by her side.


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Anurag concluded his thoughts by addressing Kangana and wrote, "The rest is your wish, whatever you want to abuse me, keep going."


Bollywood actress Kangana in the attached old clip of the interview after the release of Manikarnika said, “Fortunately or unfortunately, I directed ‘Manikarnika’. I took all the final decisions (of the film). I just want to make one thing clear that the film is already made and out in theatres and we can’t do anything about it. Now people are saying ‘our role was cut’, ‘our scene was taken out’ or ‘our voice clips were not added’. So I want to tell these people that, look here! The place I have earned for myself, as an actor, three times National Award winning actor or filmmaker, I earned it out my me own merit, my father didn’t hand it down to me. You also earn this space. What good will crying do?”

Adding that she made her start from five minutes role, Kangana further said, “I also had my scenes cut from so many films and was taken out last minute in films. If this is my power, then I deserve it, I have earned it, it is my prerogative as a director to decide which actor I want to utilize, which material I want to use. It is my prerogative as a director, that if he has left the film in my hand – which he did; to take the final call. To say such negative things is wrong.”

Earlier in June, the ‘Queen’ actress had spoken her mind on the tragic demise of Sushant Singh Rajput's and also accused filmamaker Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra of 'systematically sabotaging' the late actor's career in a video which went viral on social media. Kangana also took jibes at Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker calling the two 'B grade actresses' which garnered a lot of reactions on social media.

Posted By: Simran Babbar