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Hit 2 Trailer: Netizens Demand Hindi Version Of Adivi Sesh's Upcoming Action-Thriller | See Reactions

Receiving an enormous response to the trailer release of Hit 2, fans are demanding a Hindi version of the film soon

Hit 2 Trailer: Netizens Demand Hindi Version Of Adivi Sesh's Upcoming Action-Thriller | See Reactions
Image Credits:@gppreet/Twitter

Hit: The Second Case will be one of the most anticipated and promising action thrillers of the year starring Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary, the film is all set for its release on December 2. Helmed by Sailesh Kolanu, the trailer release of the film was unveiled on November 23.

As the country is shaken by the latest atrocity in the suburbs of Delhi when a Hindu woman was killed and dismembered by her live-in relationship boyfriend, the eerie and startling resemblance can be seen in the latest released trailer of Hit 2.

Netizens are shocked and astonished by this coincidence where the screenplay of the film was penned a year ago, whereas the release is so close to binding the similar atrocities occurring in real life.

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After causing a ton of buzz, soon after the release of the Hit: The Second Case trailer, netizens are now demanding a Hindi version of the trailer and film. Fans across the country are highly curious about the portrayal of the case shown in the film with the resemblance to the recent real-life case of Shraddha Walker in Delhi.

Fans are pouring out their excitement, anticipation and hope across social network platforms where the tweets regarding the demand for the Hit: The Second Case Hindi version are flooding. Let's take a look.

The trailer of Hit 2 features the uprising star Adivi Sesh in the role of a cop KD indulged in the Homicide Intervention Team. The film also stars Meenakshi Chaudhary as the female lead, whereas Srikanth Maganti, Rao Ramesh, and Komalee Prasad will also be seen in pivotal roles.

After the massive success of 'Major', Adivi Sesh is back with another blockbuster and his fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the film. His last release turned out to be a giant success at the box office earning approximately Rs 66 Crore.

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