New Delhi | India TV Entertainment Desk: Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood, who has lately become a messiah for thousands of migrant workers affected by COVID-19 pandemic, has now offered a job to a Hyderabad techie who was laid off due to economic slowdown. On Sunday, a Twitter user shared a video of Sharda, a techie based out of Hyderabad who got fired from job due to the crisis. The Twitter user further added that she did not lose hope and is now selling veggies to support her family.

"She wakes up at 4 am every day, goes to the wholesale market to get vegetables, and then sells them at the market to make a living," the TV report said. But Sharada said she did not feel any shame in selling vegetables and consider it an honest day's work. The Twitter user urged the actor to help the techie in any possible way.

It took just a day for Sood to come up with a solution that makes him the darling of social media. He responded by saying he had already reached out to her, interviewed her and offered her a job.


Unsurprising, Sood's Twitter timeline was flooded with heartfelt comments about his philanthropic work.

Sood has recently launched an initiative to support migrant workers in securing jobs. Named Pravasi Rojgar, the app provides a platform to connect job seeking youth to the companies for the entry-level blue-collar jobs. The 47-year-old actor said while arranging travel for the migrants, their conversations would often revolve around how they were looking for the right work opportunity amid the pandemic.

"Lot of thinking, planning and preparation have gone into designing this initiative over the last few months, in order to ensure that it is holistic and builds on the work already being done in the country.

"Extensive consultations have been held with top organisations that're involved at the grassroots level in skilling and placing the youth below the poverty line, NGOs, philanthropic organisations, government functionaries, strategy consultants, technology start ups and above all the returned migrants whom I have helped," Sood said in a statement

(with PTI inputs)

Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Jha