New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Former Flight officer Gunjan Saxena on Thursday informed the Delhi High Court that she never faced any discrimination on the basis of her gender in the Indian Air Force. She said that she has the utmost respect for the IAF and she is thankful to arm force for giving her the opportunity to serve the nation including in the Kargil War.

The Netflix original film has been questioned for putting the Indian Air Force in a poor light and called it an effort to tarnish the image of India's armed force. According to the suit filed by the Centre, the film which was streaming on Netflix depicts the wrong facts about the IAF.

Ms Saxena made the submissions in her affidavit before Justice Rajiv Shakdher, in a suit filed by the Centre. She clarified that the film is just based on her life, it has been made by the perception of the makers. Also, it was made clear that the film is made to motivate young girls to join IAF by the disclaimer placed at the beginning of the film.

"The Deponent (Saxena) does not claim that everything that is shown in the movie has happened with her in her real life. However, the deponent believes that the message sought to be conveyed through the movie is to motivate young women to join the Indian Air Force and, on a broader canvas, the aim is to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, not to doubt themselves and to work hard towards their goals," former Air Force Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena said in the affidavit filed through advocate Aditya Dewan.

Ms Saxena made it clear in her affidavit that she never faced any gender-biased in the Indian Air Force and got fair opportunities to serve the nation. She said "it remains as fact that in so far as the deponent is concerned, at an institutional level, the deponent has not faced any discrimination on the basis of her gender. The IAF rather gave the deponent an opportunity to serve the nation, including in the Kargil War."

Posted By: Srishti Goel