New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: The runaway success of NBC’s FRIENDS (1994-2004) drove it on the most glorified pedestal of pop culture, which during and after its run on Television in America and beyond, birthed trends, entertained masses and gave it an incredibly loyal fan base world over. Through an On The Television route starting from NBC and Comedy Central, the iconic sitcom travelled to On The Tap-platforms’ era where it continued to garner the next generation of fans on Netflix and now on HBO Max.

As the world gets ready for a reboot of the iconic sitcom on May 27th as ‘FRIENDS Reunion’, we bring to you the five trends in mainstream culture we owe to the FRIENDS and its 236-episode run:

Café culture– When Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) first entered the Central Perk café in her white wedding gown, Monica (Courteney Cox) introduced her to the group of friends whose lives and lifelines travelled through caffeine and cookies that was served in Gunther’s café. The couch in the café witnessed the rise and fall of friendship-turned-relationships with a Chandler-owned humour, Phoebe-signatured common sense and of course, Joey’s innocence on top of that.

Experts worldwide have connected the wild recognition enjoyed by Central Perk café to the meteoric rise of coffee-chains such as Starbucks and Barista, giving cafes a renewed identity in popular culture.

Struggle for career, self-dependence

Remember the time when Rachel sat on Monica’s kitchen table to cry over the fact that her father-owned credit cards were no more functioning? Rachel then takes up the job of a waitress at Gunther’s Central Perk, and thereon moves up to being a designer at Ralph Lauren where she eventually climbs up to being an executive designer.
FRIENDS made struggle for career seem cool and appealable and worth the energy to run for. Be it Monica becoming the head chef at Allesandro’s or Joey struggling his way to being the lead at ‘The Days of Our Lives’, Friends made the struggle for the love of career to appear worthwhile.

Mainstreaming Friends becoming soulmates

By the time the 236-episode long run of the FRIENDS ended, it gave us two couples who went on to define the ideal couple goals for at least two generations who have watched FRIENDS till now. It taught us the consequences of being unforgivable in a relationship, because if you cheat on her by going on a ‘we were on a break’ record, multiple heartbreaks and divorces may follow you up and around.

Loving what you do for living

Nothing could give Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) as much happiness as being a masseuse. No matter how much Ross (played by David Schwimmer) struggled to explain people his job, at the end of the day he loved the fossils and being a paleontologist. Monica’s love to cook reached the passionate standards of excellence because she endeared the food she prepared. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) not just loved but lived being an actor. FRIENDS taught us that you can derive unmatchable happiness from your work and it can rescue you from every heartbreak while driving your ambition up and high.

Informing through sarcasm

Interesting someone in a sarcastic comment is no easy job, Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) learned it hard way. But don’t we all desire the shades of signature-Chandler humour in our group of friends? Thank FRIENDS-makers for introducing Chandler to the world.

The FRIENDS Reunion will first air on HBO Max on May 27th 2021.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal