New Delhi | Tanya Malik: Sister to Saif Ali Khan and daughter of legendary actor Sharmila Tagore, Soha Ali Khan entered motherhood in the year 2017 when her daughter Inaaya was born. Both Soha and her actor husband Kunal Khemu came across as doting parents on their social media posts. As a mother though, Soha decided to take a break from work and focus on motherhood.

After almost 4 years Soha Ali Khan is making a 'comeback' with her recently launched show, 'Kaun Banega Shikharwati'. In an exclusive interaction with us, Soha shared how this transition from a full-time mom to returning to the sets was not so easy. Much like many young mothers, Soha suffered from something called mom guilt, before making her comeback on screen.

Soha Ali Khan On Challenges She Faced As A Working Mother

Speaking of the challenges she faced as a working mother Soha said, "I did face challenges but most of them were internal, these were challenges which I had imagined, what will happen if I step away, who will look after my child as well as I do, will I be able to balance work and home. Even though there are so many women in my family who have managed to work and raise children and I knew it was theoretically possible when you are doing it yourself, it is a different experience but really my experience was very positive.

Firstly, I had very supportive producers and a director who really understood my conflict as a working mother and as a new working mother and were very sympathetic to that. I will be forever grateful to them because the experience was so good, it has given me the confidence to take more work, whereas if my experience would not have been good, I would have gone straight back to devoting myself to something else."

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Mother & Sis-in-law Examples Of Women Who Pursued Dreams

While motherhood is a life-changing experience for women, Soha has been surrounded by women who never let go of their dreams and careers. Sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor worked through her first pregnancy and quickly resumed work after Taimur was born. Soha's mother, the iconic Sharmila Tagore also kept it extremely professional even after motherhood.

Coping Up With The Challenges

During our conversation with Soha Ali Khan, she shared how she managed to cope with all the challenges of a working mother with the help of people around her. She said, "It is certainly possible to work, to raise a child, you have to depend on other people, you have to have a good infrastructure and I am fortunate to have a good nanny, a supportive family, good caretakers, good school, so all these things helped. I wouldn't have been able to do it without that."

What is Mom Guilt?

A feeling of not doing enough as a mother is called mom guilt. This uncomfortable feeling crawls in especially when mothers take out time for doing something for themselves. It can be even for something as small as going for a long relaxing shower and something bigger like returning back to work.

Accepting help indeed makes you get over the mommy guilt, strike a better balance between work and home. There are many other ways you can let go of working mother guilt.

Don't follow the rules set by society for an ideal mother. Set your own rules basis your career goals, your child, and other circumstances.

Practice self-care regularly, go for a long shower after a long day or listen to your favourite music, go for a quick walk.

Remember why you are working. Don't forget your strengths and accomplishments.

Don't compare your life with others on social media. Most people put out just the 'best' on social media. You never know what the complete picture is.

If you find it difficult to deal with mom's guilt, seek professional help.

Posted By: Ashita Singh