New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: The man-animal conflict, a concept not much explored in and out of Mumbai's entertainment world, will come out alive in Amit Masurkar's ‘Sherni’, literally meaning a lioness, starring Vidya Balan in the leading role. In an exclusive conversation with Dainik Jagran, the national film award-winning actress reflected on ‘Sherni’ and its concept's prevalence with real-world women.

‘We don't realise but every woman is a Sherni’: Vidya Balan

Asked if she agrees with the association of the word Sherni with empowered women, Vidya Balan said that we tend to think that one which roars is a Sherni. “But every time one doesn't need to roar. People fear the quiet lionesses too,” Balan told Dainik Jagran. “We don't realise but every woman is a Sherni,” Vidya added.

Reflecting on the role she has portrayed in the film ‘Sherni’, Balan said: “My character is a Sherni in this film. She stays quiet and does her work without caring much about the world. But she is fearless.”

Talking about the real-world lionesses, Balan said that if we talk about women in villages, then the ones running the households are lionesses. “Or the one who dares to dismantle the shackles of outdated traditions by raising her veil a bit and is also courageous enough to raise it out completely one day, is a Sherni,” Vidya told Dainik Jagran while gesturing the way a veil is raised from above the head.

‘Not deserving of inspiring anyone’: Vidya Balan

Vidya was quick to react when asked about most of her on-screen portrayals being those of empowered and inspiring women's. “I don't find myself deserving enough to inspire anyone. I don't even have the courage for it. I only do the work I enjoy. Every woman, be it a housewife or an officer is brave and courageous,” Vidya told Dainik Jagran.

Vidya adds that there have been times when she played a female character in which the character was not as empowering initially but because of some incident in the storyline she becomes empowered. “I'm just taking on the opportunities such sort,” Vidya laughs.

‘Have signed three more films, two will release next year’: Vidya Balan

Vidya informed that though the shooting of ‘Sherni’ was completed last year itself she couldn't announce her next film due to the massive second wave of COVID-19. “I've said yes to three more projects, two of which are likely to release next year,” Vidya told Dainik Jagran while adding she isn't sure which film will start first in the near future.

‘Sherni’, directed by Amit Masurkar will first stream on Amazon Prime Video on June 18.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma