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BTS RM To Hold Special Indigo Concert For ARMY, But ‘Minors Not Allowed’ | Here’s Why

BTS leader RM to host a special listening party for 200 people with ‘Minor Not Allowed’ advisory

BTS RM To Hold Special Indigo Concert For ARMY, But ‘Minors Not Allowed’ | Here’s Why
Image Credits:@joooniehq/Twitter

THE BTS leader Kim Namjoon is all set to release his first solo album on December 2, where the rapper-singer was recently announced to host a special listening party for 200 people where minors will not be allowed to enter. 

The BigHit fans were amused and excited about the big revelation, but are also curious about the ‘Minors not allowed’ advisory. The singer also explained the details of the party process, where his agency stated that a set of four sessions each holding a batch of only 50 people will be seated. The agency also stated, “There will not be a waitlist as the recording venue’s capacity is limited.”

According to the RM agency's statement, participants will not be allowed to leave the show in the middle of the recording, whereas only the ARMY membership holders who have earlier purchased the RM ‘Indigo’ set or the ‘book edition+postcard edition’ from the Weverse Shop will only be allowed for entry. One cannot participate without meeting both conditions whereas the final winners for entry will be solely selected via a raffle method. 

Kim Namjoon’s first full-length solo album ‘Indigo’ will be out on December 2 which was announced via his agency BigHit. ‘Indigo’ will introduce the thoughts and worries of the singer, carrying his passion for singing and life. RM has been preparing for the album since 2019. 

Kim Namjoon aka RM will be the third member of the K-Pop Boy-Band BTS after J-Hope and Jin. The singer has earlier released his mixtapes titled, ‘RM’ and ‘MONO’ showcasing his musical ability and talent. 

As the BigHit agency specified the ban on minors not allowed for the event participation, several fans of the singer and the members of his band BTS are stunned and curious about this announcement. Several fans have taken over the internet already speculating various reasons and the expected actions of the singer at the event. 

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