Cast – Sidharth Shukla (as Agastya), Sonia Rathee (as Rumi), Ehan Bhatt (as Ishan)

Director – Priyanka Ghose

Where to watch – Alt Balaji, MX Player

New Delhi | Mukul Sharma: ‘Broken’ – the word takes the center-space in the title of this latest Ekta Kapoor-conceived web drama. But by the end of the tenth episode, one wonders if there was so much beautiful about the third season of Broken but Beautiful. If at all, this wasn’t even one-tenth of what the show had in previous two seasons which starred Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi in lead roles.

Theatre director Agastya (Sidharth) falls for a just-became-aspiring theatre actress Rumi (Sonia). The latter keeps it complicated to complement the chase of love she wants against the one she truly needs. Amid well composed music and an admirable background score, the mood is established but the feeling goes missing. Everything seems so ordinary that you end up missing the lead of Broken but Beautiful which existed prior to Sidharth and Sonia. In the first half of the series, Sidharth’s expressions seem enacted and rarely felt. Priyanka Ghose does her director’s job well but Shukla impresses rather fairly and struggles to come out natural on screen at the moments of reckoning. Sonia Rathee as Rumi does justice to her part but unlike Harleen (the female lead in previous two seasons) becomes forgettable, moreover because the plot this time does not demand the female lead to be as out-of-the-box as before.

Everything in the show – the extraordinary number of cigarettes smoked by the male lead, the love triangle-format, heartbroken drunkard-track or even a filthy rich setting for that matter – is conventional. It is not something the audience (especially the OTT watching crowd) has not seen before. By the time you are at fifth episode, you start finding the screenplay and dialogues rather repetitive which steals the show of its ability to engage the audience via an aesthetic appeal if not through great script or brilliant lead performances.

It would have been better for the show’s memory if it was left to have its conclusion the way it had, in the season 2 itself instead of extending it with a new cast and cast-masters. While the last two seasons of Broken but Beautiful had impeccable dialogues, great lead performances, a demanding script and natural actors, the third season lacks all of it.

Broken but Beautiful Season 3 is streaming on Alt Balaji and MX Player.

(Disclaimer: The above review has been done by Mukul Sharma, Consultant, Jagran New Media. The views expressed in the article are of the author and Jagran New Media does not take the responsibility of the views expressed here)

Posted By: Mukul Sharma