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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 24 Written Updates: BB Slams Sumbul For Leaking Insights Of Show; Inmates Prepare For Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 24 Written Update: Bigg Boss gets furious at Sumbul for lying to BB and leaking the insights of the show to her father on a phone call

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 24 Written Updates: BB Slams Sumbul For Leaking Insights Of Show; Inmates Prepare For Captaincy Task
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Today's episode of Bigg Boss 16, brought friendship and drama hand in hand, as on one end the inmates are busy deciding the next captain amongst themselves, and on the other hand, Bigg Boss is furious at Sumbul.

Nomination of a new captain

The inmates are busy deciding the next captain of the house as Nimrit and Tina are eagerly standing in the front. Asking for everybody's support, both friends are keen to become the next captain. However, Nimrit and Tina both are head over heels for each other and are in no mood for backing off.

Shalin is standing to be the peacemaker amongst the both, where Shalin asks the two to make up for their differences, and later on, Tina is shown apologizing to Nimrit with a heartfelt hug. On the other hand, the group of four, Sajid, Stan, Shiv, and Abdu are at peace amongst themselves stating themselves as the core team of the house.

Bigg Boss gets furious at Sumbul

Bigg boss summons all the contestants stating that it is the nature of the show to fight and solve amongst themselves. However, BB always believes in trust and transparency whereas on humanitarian grounds the show allowed Sumbul to converse with her dad on call. But, BB turned furious as the call details were released.

Bigg Boss plays the phone conversation between Sumbul and her dad where they right away start by abusing Shalin and Tina, whereas no conversation either on health or family is once raised from either end. As Shalin gets shocked, BB on the other hand is furious as these types of conversations are against the format of the show and the BB house talks are not yet to be released with one's family and friends.

Shalin targets Sumbul

As the summon ends, Shalin and Tina target Sumbul requesting her to stay away from both of them as ordered by her father. Tina and Shalin clear out not to give any different angle to their relationship and also ask Bigg Boss to remove her bed from their room. Sumbul suddenly has a panic attack and at the request of Bigg Boss, she goes to the medical room. Archana and Nimrit also realize the seriousness of the matter and ask Sumbul to stay away from Shalin and Tina.

Introduction to new captaincy task

Nimrit, Shiv, and Tina are finalized to become the next captain of the house. There are two fisheries, where the participants have to catch the fishes where they are marked as favorites and unfavorites. One needs to collect these fish and take them to their workstation where Stan will be checking and announcing the winning basket.

As the horn blares, 5 baskets are kept with Ankit, Priyanka and Soundarya starting with the non-favs. As Archana also interferes there, the snatching for the fish takes place with the blame game on the go. Stan announces as the rule is broken by Soundarya and the team, they are disqualified with Shiv's team in the lead.

The episode ends with a steamy fight between Archana and Sajid as they start quarreling amongst themselves over the game being unfair, where in the last clips both the inmates are seen teasing each other with anger.

Bigg Boss 16 is hosted by Salman Khan and recently has brought much TRP where people are now loving the hate chemistry between Archana and Sajid Khan, and with new twists and fights daily, the reality show remains to be on the top for being controversial.

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