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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 23 Written Updates: Sajid Khan Starts Hunger Strike; BB Calls Shiv, Nimrit In Confession Room

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 23 written update: Sajid Khan started a hunger strike after getting emotional on the show.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 23 Written Updates: Sajid Khan Starts Hunger Strike; BB Calls Shiv, Nimrit In Confession Room
Image Credits:@shefali_bagga0/Twitter

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, the contestants were seen clashing with each other over petty issues, which is filled with drama, gossip and tasks which will give you a complete dose of entertainment for a complete 1.5 hours. 

Contestants Slamming Each Other

At the beginning of the episode, all the contestants are commenting about each other and seemingly indulging in a verbal fight. Shalin comments that Archana was creating a nuisance on the show, whereas Sajid slams at Nimrit and calls everybody ‘coward.’

Sajid slams Archana to Shiv, Stan and Shalin, talking about her stupid nature and further including Nimrit and Tina also in the conversation. Next Ankit is seen bringing coffee for Priyanka, whereas Soundarya is seen offering milk for Archana to which she instantly refuses.

Clearing the Air

Priyanka and Ankit finally decide to clear the air when Ankit says that he was joking in the last nomination and the behavior was carried towards Archana instead of her. Soon the shot changes, where Nimrit and Tina are seen sleeping, whereas Archana taunts them for not making breakfast, sparking a fight between Tina and Archana.  

Introduction to Ration task

The contestants are introduced to the rationing task where Shiv is asked to take the inmates to the supermarket to fetch the ration, becoming the dictator of the task. Tina and Nimrit start the task, followed by Sajid, Abdu and Stan. 

Shiv is soon called fair in the task by Archana, while Tina, Sajid and Nimrit get into an argument with Archana, where Sajid calls her to be unfair and term himself also the ‘Unfair king.’ Later on, Archana accuses Sajid for calling out her father’s name, whereas Sajid quotes her for playing the woman card. 

Sajid enters into a hunger strike

Sajid becomes emotional as he tries to pacify his thoughts stating the show is affecting him a lot. He soon breaks down and is further consoled by Shiv and Stan making his entering into a hunger strike. 

Bigg Boss summons Shiv and Nimrit in the confession room

Bigg Boss calls Nimrit and Shiv in the confession room where he asks them to elaborate the conversation and actions between Sajid and Archana, stating the use of foul language is very common on the show. However, Bigg Boss does not talk to Sajid directly, refusing his request. 

Everyday with new revelations, more fights and fury, the Bigg Boss 16 reality show is becoming interesting than ever. With each season the show has gained a massive popularity and an amazing TRP rate. Telecasted everyday at 10 PM on Colors, the show is hosted by Salman Khan. 

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