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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 22 Written Updates: Contestants Turn Killers; Sumbul, Archana, Ankit, Soundarya, MC Stan Nominated

Bigg Boss 16 November 22 Written Updates: Sumbul, Archana, Ankit, Soundarya and Mc Stan have been nominated for eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 22 Written Updates: Contestants Turn Killers; Sumbul, Archana, Ankit, Soundarya, MC Stan Nominated
Image Credit: Bigg Boss/Twitter

IN THE latest episode of Bigg Boss season 16, contestants Sumbul Touqeer, Archana Gautam, Ankit Gupta, Soundarya Sharma and Mc Stan were nominated for elimination after Bigg Boss assigned all the housemates a special task.

Contestants turn into 'killers'

For the nomination task, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to turn into 'killers' and in every round, one killer is chosen and then two contestants, selected by Bigg Boss, have to convince the killer to shoot the other person. Therefore, whoever gets killed, is nominated.

In the first round, Shiv was the killer who was asked to choose between Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar. He nominated Archana and shot her. In the next round, Tina was selected as the killer and was asked to choose between Sajid Khan and Ankit Gupta. She chose Ankit thus nominating him for the eviction.

In the third round, Nimrit Kaur chose Sumbul after she was asked to select between Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer. Shiv got another chance to be the killer and had to choose between Abdu Rozik and Soundarya Sharma. In his second chance, he shot and nominated Soundarya.

Archana and Tina engage in a brawl:

After asking Tina not to put coriander in water as the garbage stinks, Archana took the trash bag to her room to fight with her and in the process woke Nimrit up. She also left the garbage bag in their room which began a fight. Shiv also interfered and scolded Archana for creating a scene at night.

Shiv and Archana lock horns

Shiv and Archana got into a fight over cleanliness issues. However, when Archana asked Shiv not to threaten her, the latter explained to the housemates that she was fighting because he nominated her.

Shalin tells Tina that he does not love her

Shalin confessed to Tina that he does not love her and does not want to jeopardise their friendship over insignificant issues.

Bigg Boss schools Tina, Archana

Bigg Boss reminded Tina to turn off the gas stove as she was spending quality time with Shalin at that moment. In the next scene, Archana was seen mocking Tina over Bigg Boss' scolding. Bigg Boss then schooled Archana for sleeping during the day like Ankit. As a punishment, BB asked her to apologise to every contestant for talking about the outside world on the show.

Contestants who are currently locked inside Bigg Boss 16 house are Archana Gautam, Priyanka Choudhary, Abdu Rozik, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Soundarya Sharma, Sajid Khan, Ankit Gupta and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

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