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Bigg Boss 16 Nov 17 Written Update: Shalin And Stan Get Into Ugly Physical Fight, Archana Dragged From BB House

Bigg Boss 16 is the playground of controversies, airing on Colors channel, the reality drama show brings out the worst among the contestants.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 17 Written Update: Shalin And Stan Get Into Ugly Physical Fight, Archana Dragged From BB House
Image Credits:@BiggBoss_Tak/Twitter

BIGG Boss 16’s Thursday episode brought various ugly fights and quarrels into the limelight which turned the house into a playground of drama and fury. Hosted by superstar Salman Khan the show telecasts the extreme situations of contestants locked inside the Bigg Boss House for 3 months where they ought to survive tasks, elimination, and fights, and also need to manage the household by abiding by the household chores and rules. 

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, saw fights and ugly spats turning violent between Shalin and Stan, whereas the episode starts with an argument between Archana and Shiv.

An argument between Shiv and Archana over abiding by her BB duty

The show starts with an argument erupting between Shiv and Archana where Shiv calls out to her regarding her duty timings, and Archana tends to ignore the matter by quietly sliding under the quilt. Shiv further goes to captain Sajid and informs him about Archana’s activities where Sajid further extends the matter and offers apples and milk as a reward to the one cleaning the garden where Ankit, Tina and Gautam clean the garden area. 

The tension rising between Soundarya, Archana and Gautam

Soundarya confides in Archana about her health when Gautham enters the conversation and an argument breaks out between Archana and Gautam where he warns Archana to not come in between Soundarya and him. Being sidelined by most of the contestants, Sajid asks Nimrit to go and ask Archana about her health, while Archana politely replies that she is okay, however later on she sleeps going against the rules of the house.

Gang destroying Archana’s belongings

It is thus witnessed that Sajid decides to destroy Archana’s belongings where Nimrit, Shiv, Shalin, and Stan get involved and throw her clothes into the jail whereas she is dragged from her bed by Shiv, Shalin, and Stan, where Archana remains to be quiet. Further Soundarya and Archana are spotted discussing Priyanka, and how she changed her side. 

Introduction to new captaincy task

Bigg Boss 16 introduces the inmates with the new captaincy task where the non-favorite contestants can throw Sajid out of the captaincy game where Shalin, Tina, Gautam, Archana, and Sumbul decide to play opposite Sajid, whereas Shiv, Abdu, Nimrit, and Stan saves him. Building up their strategies, Archana becomes emotional seeing her clothes in the jail whereas Tina is comfortable playing both sides. 

Trust or not trust

Teams are playing according to their strategy, whereas Tina and Sumbul tend to play on both sides, where Shalin enters the conversation stating they cannot be trusted. On the other hand, a fight regarding the task erupts between Gautam and Priyanka, while Soundarya consoles Archana as she starts crying. 

The Tresemme task

The tresemme task starts when Sumbul and Tina win the task and Sajid, Stan and Shiv gang up on Archana as she makes an issue of her clothes being thrown out. 

The Fight between Shalin and Stan turns physical

As Tina gets a sprain, Shalin enters and tries to help her, making her more upset. Tina asks him to leave and Stan enters the conversation and forces Shalin to leave where Shalin and Stan enter into an argument that turns physical and  Sumbul and Nimrit enter and take the respective with them.

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