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Bigg Boss 16 Dec 4 Written Updates: Shekhar Suman Stages His Roasting Performance Yet Again; Contestants Get Invited Inside The Confession Room

Bigg Boss 16's Ravivaar Ka Vaar became emotional as Bigg Boss invited the contestants for a heartfelt conversation with him inside the confession room

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 4 Written Updates: Shekhar Suman Stages His Roasting Performance Yet Again; Contestants Get Invited Inside The Confession Room
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Bigg Boss Ravivaar Ka Episode brings tons of drama with the performance of Shekhar Suman on the roll to Bigg Boss asking the contestants to pour their hearts out. The environment inside the Bigg Boss 16 house is getting dramatic and emotional in today's episode.

Unbalanced vibes in the BB 16 house

The episode starts with Tina talking to Priyanka about her friendship with Shalin as she is confused to take her next step. Nimrit feels low and lonely in the house seeking a sense of comfort in Abdu as he sleeps next to her on the floor.

Sajid talks to Tina and convinces her to stop ignoring Shalin as it is hurting him. Next, Shalin and Tina are seen talking to each other, and Shalin tries convincing Tina to accept that they do like each other.

Archana and Priyanka are also seen talking to each other, and Archana feels demotivated inside the house. On the other hand, Shiv is seen hilariously messing with Nimrit as he steals her belongings and gets chased by Abdu, Stan, and Nimrit, where accidentally Abdu gets hurts and shouts at Shiv.

Digging deeper into discussions

Priyanka and Ankit get into a conversation where Priyanka reveals she is being portrayed as a villain where she breaks down telling him that she may never be able to take care of her family as nobody will give her a job after the show.

Sajid goes ahead and sits with Priyanka consoling her that she and Ankit are habituated to each other. Next, Archana is seen indulging in a fight with Tina, where she states that Tina was born with a silver spoon, while Shalin quickly takes a stand for her.

Big Bulletin with Shekhar Suman 

Shekhar Suman makes an entry again with his roast rap for the contestants. He addresses the inmates as 'Shembi' because Stan uses this word a lot, and goes on to mock Soundarya's rings, Tina wanting to become queen, whereas Shalin is called out at friend-zone, bro-zone, and even dad-zoned.

As the performance ends, Tina takes offense to the comments and quickly returns to her duties to ignore the whole situation.

Heart-to-heart talk

Bigg Boss calls each contestant individually inside the Bigg Boss confession room to pour their heart out and discuss the issues that they are dealing with inside the house. Starting with Priyanka starts explaining her relationship with Ankit and instantly starts crying. BB comes to her aid and explains to her to not stand up against Ankit as he has not said anything wrong but has motivated her to make more friends inside the house.

Shiv is called next, where he confesses emotionally that people are thinking that he is plotting against everyone and playing the role of a mastermind manipulator. BB asks him to play with his heart.

Archana gets on the line and gets emotional to which BB advises her to maintain her balance in the game. Tina and Shalin are called together and BB asks them to not care about the outside world too much.

Lastly, Abdu and Stan are called together, and the latter enjoys while Stan sings and raps for Bigg Boss.

The episode ends with a good note where Shalin and Tina are seen hugging each other, MC Stan, Abdu, and Sajid are seen stealing chocolates while Abdu hides some for himself.

The Bigg Boss 16 reality show is hosted by Salman Khan and airs daily on ColorsTV at 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday, and at 9:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. For more uncut scenes, you can see the episodes on the Voot app.

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