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Bigg Boss 16 Dec 2 Written Updates: Ankit Exposed In Front of Priyanka; Golden Boy Leaves BB House

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode brought a nasty fight, and revealed the true colors of many, whereas some had to say their goodbyes over controversial comments

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 2 Written Updates: Ankit Exposed In Front of Priyanka; Golden Boy Leaves BB House
Image Credits:@WhenVSpeaks/Twitter

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar episode has tons to say about it. The environment inside the Bigg Boss house is getting tense each day as the revelation of the true colors of every individual brings tons of controversies and drama.

Salman Khan enters the show with a new task

Friday calls for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Salman Khan greets the contestants and starts showing the contestants the taped recordings of the previous episodes. Salman instantly asks the Golden Boys to keep their patience as something big is coming for them which would be revealed at the end of the episode.

Introduction to the mud task

Bigg Boss introduces the inmates with a new task where via small hints and statements, each contestant will have to guess who has particularly stated the same behind their back. The game starts with Tina where she guesses two statements correctly passed by Ankit and Shiv. Nimrit is called next where after tons of failed attempts she catches Tina and Shalin and earns two points.

Next Shalin is called and he guesses the name of Nimrit as she commented on him as Tina's follower. Stan gets into a small argument with Archana as she talks about his fame game to which Stan quickly takes a stand quoting that he is not inside the BB house to get viral.

Ankit Betrays Priyanka's Trust

As the mud games go forward, Priyanka is called next where it is then revealed that Ankit has quoted Priyanka that she always talks about the game and gets yelled at each time if he tends to talk about anything else.

The duo ends up in a big fight, where Priyanka tends to keep her distance from him, whereas Ankit stands firm on what he says getting Sajid's support. As Soundarys is seen interrupting the duo, she gets yelled at by a frustrated Priyanka, who is next seen shedding tears.

Archana is heavily targeted

Soundarya chases Archana and catches her quoting on her profession after getting bashed by Tina and other inmates to get so low. Next Tina also lashes out at her as she fumes at the comments made about her dog by Archana. Soon Tina and Soundarya are seen talking about Archana and quoting her 'Bad at heart.'

Salman returns to the stage

Salman talks about the task revelations taking Ankit's side as nothing was wrong with his comment and that she is creating a fuss about it. At last, a sudden eviction takes place as Salman Khan fumes at the Golden Boys for quoting on camera that every contestant on Bigg Boss is given a script to follow.

This comment goes against the rules of the game and is highly misleading which results in the quick eviction of both of them.

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan will introduce a panel of viewers from the audience on the stage allowing them to ask open questions to the contestants where direct questions are taken on Tina and Shalin.

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