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Bigg Boss 16 Dec 1 Written Update: Shalin Taunts Nimrit's Mental Health, BB Assigns Captaincy Task and Much More

On Thursday's episode, Shalin Bhanot made fun of Nimrit Kaur's depression, Bigg Boss assigned captaincy task and much more.

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 1 Written Update: Shalin Taunts Nimrit's Mental Health, BB Assigns Captaincy Task and Much More
Image credit: @BiggBoss/Twitter

The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss 16 house is really getting tense. Every episode is packed with its own dose of disputes and sometimes, some romance. Nevertheless, the most disturbing thing to see in Thursday's episode was Shalin Bhanot commenting on Nimrit Kaur's mental health.

Here are the major highlights from inside the Bigg Boss house on day 61:

Tina complains about doing the dishes:

Tina Dutta grumbled about leftover food on the dishes and the chore of washing them which offended Nimrit Kaur.

Archana and Soundarya Sharma discuss Shalin and Tina:

Archana Gautam opined that Shalin Bhanot is restraining himself due to Tina and is the one who has genuine feelings for her.

Bigg Boss gives captaincy related task:

Bigg Boss assigned the housemates a captaincy-related task. Golden Guys from a helicopter had to throw golden coins towards the housemates. Everyone besides Nimrit and Stan MC were instructed to collect the coins.

The task had six phases and at the end of each round, the housemate with the most coins will be declared a contender. Nimrit and Stan, who were the Sanchaalaks of the task, jointly declare the winner.

Nimrit chooses Sumbul as the winner of round one:

When Bigg Boss asked Sumbul if she would like to nominate herself or obtain a passcode for the locker, she opted to remain nominated. Archana, who lost her calm, then spoke out of turn, labeling Sumbul as selfish.

Shalin breaks rules:

Nimrit noticed that Tina has been placing her gold coins in Shalin's container. After this, Shiv Thakare insisted that Shalin be disqualified or he will not proceed with the game.

Shalin gets agressive:

When Nimrit asked Shalin as to why is he becoming boisterous and hostile, the latter made a disrespectful comment about her mental health. The duo then got into a verbal spat and Nimrit told Shalin that she will sue him. 

Bigg Boss gives housemates the passcode:

In the third round, Nimrit and Stan announced Shiv as the winner of the task. Bigg Boss then requested him to pick between captaincy and passcode. Shiv opted for the passcode and that way the housemates attained the second passcode. Archana told Shiv that she is fond of him.

Nimrit thanks Sajid:

When Sajid asked Nimrit regarding her altercation with Shalin, the latter said that she is hurt and won't be able to recover.

However, when Sajid said then said she doesn't appear sad and is a powerful woman, Nimrit thanked Sajid for always supporting her.

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