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Bigg Boss 16 Dec 05 Written Updates: Ankit Becomes New Captain, Tina Asks Soundarya To Share Bed With Shalin And Much More

From Tina Dutta asking Soundarya Sharma to bunk with Shalin Bhanot to Ankit Gupta becoming the new captain of the house, tonight's Bigg Boss 16 episode was definitely full of twists and turns.

Bigg Boss 16 Dec 05 Written Updates: Ankit Becomes New Captain, Tina Asks Soundarya To Share Bed With Shalin And Much More
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Tonight's Bigg Boss 16 episode was definitely full of emotion and tears. With Sumbul Touqeer eyeing for captaincy, lots of drama and chaos was seen in the house. This evening, Ankit Gupta was appointed the new captain and Nimirit Kaur Ahluwalia gained some wisdom from Bigg Boss.

Nimrit asks Tina about blanket

When Nimrit asked Tina Dutta about using two blankets Tina got offended and began sulking while they continued to speak derogatorily about her.

Priyanka cries to Archana

After Archana Gautam attempted to create confusion between Ankit and Priyanka, the latter burst into tears. However, Archana later explained to her as to why she had separated her from Ankit and left him alone with Soundarya.

Ankit then attempted to soothe Priyanka by hugging her, while Abdu comforted Soundarya who was feeling deceived.

Archana then began looking for her blanket and gets livid at someone swapping her personal item. Nimrit gets irritated and Tina was forced to sleep outside because of the bedroom issue. Nimrit and Priyanka also gossiped about Tina’s habit of swapping blankets.

Priyanka questions Ankit is she treats him unfairly

Priyanka applauded Ankit for his accomplishments. However, she also expressed her discontentment with him for always refusing to pull his own weight.

Further, Archana made a fuss about rotis being wasted in the house. Priyanka spoke to Soundarya about Sajid Khan standing by Ankit only when it was convenient for him.

This hurt Soundarya and she began crying. Archana and the other women then confronted Ankit on his choice after which the latter spoke to Sharma in private.

Archana defames Priyanka

An Angry Priyanka then and lambasts Archana. The issue is dragged on for no reason, and Priyanka gets indignant and starts crying. However, Archana later consoled Priyanka.

Soundarya informs Shalin about Tina

Soundarya got irritated after Tina requested her to bunk with Shalin Bhanot. Tina also got annoyed and said that she would ask Ankit to change her bedroom. Nimrit revealed her conversation with Bigg Boss to Shiv Thakare.

Tina voiced her frustrations to Shalin for not standing by her, in response to which, Shalin exited from there, which further angered her.

Shalin then attempted to pacify her by mentioning that he has lost his captaincy. Abdu notifieed Nimrit and Shiv of the possible health issues Sajid will encounter by working for Ankit.

Tina points out Shalin's stupidity

Shalin and Tina had a conversation about losing a task. Tina expressed her anger over him for allowing Priyanka to win. Sajid spoke to Sumbul Touqueer about what Tina had to say about her, while Soundarya discussed Shalin how Tina asked her share the bed with him.

Archana and Shiv argue over bathing turns

While Shalin teased Soundarya for using his towel, Shiv and Shalin had a fight over taking a shower.

Bigg Boss brought Nimrit into the confession room and they talked about how Ankit defended Sajid.

BB further cautioned Nimrit to become more involved in the game and encouraged her to play for herself and not put faith in anybody.

Soundarya reproached Ankit for not selecting her as a favourite. Priyanka spoke to Ankit about protecting Sajid. Nimrit had a word with Shalin about Sumbul.

Ankit assumes captaincy

Bigg Boss instructed Ankit to smear mud over Priyanka's image, which he eventually went ahead with it, after being reluctant at first.

This caused the entire crowd to break out in uproarious laughter. Ankit is then asked to assign separate bedrooms to the housemates. His top picks were Priyanka and Sajid, whom he also saved from being nominated.

Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya are allotted to a room of three while Stan, Abdu, and Sumbul to get a room of four, and the remaining participants are allocated a room of six.

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