New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Bigg Boss 15 is creating a heavy buzz on social media platforms after Vishal Kotian angrily came out in a towel and lashed out at guest Hina Khan for bringing up such tasks. Well, it all started when the Bigg Boss 11 winner entered the house to entertain the housemates and school them to maintain the decorum and cleanliness in the house. Through her Boot Camp, she conducted several interesting tasks, out of which one was the cleanliness task where 'Biscuit Boys', namely Vishal, Umar Riaz, Ieshaan Sehgaal and Simba Nagpal, had to clean a table in a sexy manner.

Hina asked Shamita to spread the sauces on the table and instructed the boys to remove their shirts. The boys were made to wear aprons and asked to clean the table without using their hands in a sexy way. Out of all four, girls liked Umar Riaz's performance, and Hina declared him the winner.

While declaring the winner, everyone called out Vishal and Umar, but to their surprise, Vishal came out angrily in a towel complaining about having no clothes. He further added that he was washing his pant as they got stained due to the sauce task and should have been informed about such tasks so that he is prepared.

Shamita Shetty repeatedly asked Vishal to at least wear jeans and come, as it's looking rude, however, he didn't listen and kept ranting he doesn't have clothes. This didn't go down well with netizens as they slammed him for his rude behaviour towards Hina Khan.

One of the users wrote, "Didn't like the way #VishalKotian insulted @eyehinakhan! She was a guest & didn't need to be embarrassed as she was only doing what creatives asked her to do! Hats off to Hina Khan for doing a fab job in spite of all the drama by #VishalKotian - not professional at all! #BB15"

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Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv