New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Bigg Boss 15 is creating a heavy buzz on social media platforms not for its fights between Pratik and junglewasis but for a romance that is brewing between contestants Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal. The two are seen sitting in the corner of the house glued to each other. The show started on October 2, and in just seven days, the two have fallen for each other making everyone think that their budding romance is to keep the viewers entertained.

In the recent episode, Simba Nagpal and Akasa Singh were seen discussing about Miesha and Ieshaan's budding romance. Simba told Akasa, "Miesha is my friend. But I don't understand a few things. The reality show I was a part of there after meeting a few girls I started to believe that a few girls are a certain type. I started believing that girls are made like this. There were genuine girls also. They would always think about boys. They had no passion, focus in their life. I started to believe that girl's lives only revolve around boys. Miesha Iyer is from the same category, her life only revolves around boys."

Agreeing with Simba, Akasa added that Miesha is her friend too but she is unable to understand what the latter is up to. She said, " Initially, I thought they are having fun together and it's fine, but Ieshaan is very sweet and smart."

To this, Simba said that Ieshaan is a nice guy but he doesn't know how girls are from the reality shows. The girls are all about giving content, and the proof is Miesha's love connection with Ieshaan in just seven days.

Also, a video of the duo is doing rounds on all social media platforms, wherein the two are sharing a kiss in a garden area.

Here have a look:

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Meanwhile, Salman Khan is going to bash Pratik Sehajpal for breaking the lock of the bathroom while Vidhi Pandya was taking bath inside.

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