New Delhi| Jagran Entertainment Desk: The queen of entertainment Rakhi Sawant has made netizens hooked to the television screen with her funny antics and never-ending drama. She made her appearance in Bigg Boss house as a challenger and not to forget mention she emerged as one of the strong competitors. Recently, in the family week episode, Rakhi got a chance to interact with her mother virtually as she is hospitalized and leaving Rakhi in utter shock.

Rakhi cried her heart out after knowing about it and tells her mother she doesn't need to worry about anything. After the episode, the video of the same goes viral leaving fans stunned and many viewers praised her for her bravery. One of the users said, " Rakhi is one of the strongest players in the house, Please respect…Bigg boss jeete ya na jeete Rakhi…Hum viewers k liye already winner ho chuki hai."

According to a lot of voting trends, Rakhi Sawant is believed to be one of the strongest contenders this season. We thought of bringing you a list of reasons why we think she can take home the trophy this season.

Rakhi has been stealing the show with her fun antics

From scaring everyone as Julie to flirting with Abhinav Shukla, she has made Bigg Boss show a lot more watchable. She is usually seen giving quirky replies to the contenders that make sure to leave everyone in splits.

Rakhi is the OG of the season

No matter how much you hate or love her, you just can't seem to ignore her because she well defines 'Khud hi se maine ishq kiya re'. Not to forget Salman Khan also mentioned in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode that she deserves all the respect for the struggles she has been through.

Rakhi has the ability to overpower contenders with her emotional game

Earlier, the spat took place between her and Jasmin in which Rakhi was hurt, and after that, she started yelling at the top of her lungs. Moreover, she made sure Jasmin gets punished for her not so mature behavior in the house and that gave us a point to prove that Rakhi can mold things according to her.

Rakhi got a big heart

Despite her quirky nature, she has marked herself as the person who is kind and forgets the wrongdoings of the inmates on a personal level. She has been treated as a 'maid' in the literal sense but what caught the attention of the public when she told her ill mother 'Jasmin is also your daughter..forgive her' in the last episode.

Rakhi is an inspiration to many as she knows how to smile through the pain

In one of the episodes, her close friend Rahul Mahajan said that she has been through a lot and had a troubled past and a difficult childhood and that’s the reason she behaves so differently than others. Even after being through this much she never fails to inspire and make people laugh with her happy go lucky attitude.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma