New Delhi| Jagran Entertainment Desk: The Bigg Boss 14 house has become a happy place for contestant Jasmin Bhasin, ever since Aly Goni entered the house. After his entry, the show saw several changes and the bond of Aly and Jasmin is seen sparking off and netizens are loving it.

Recently, there was a task in the house of Angels vs Devils task and after the completion of the task, Aly called Jasmin over the landline to have a chit chat. In the conversation, Aly guided Jasmin and told her that she should respect Eijaz Khan as he is a senior actor. He further gave an example to her and said that “If I am 40 and someone calls me a chhota actor after doing so much work, it’s heartbreaking. I would have broken down. I am actually in tears. I am not telling you this because he is my friend… I am meeting him for the first time so closely. But as an actor, I have respect for a senior actor.”

To this, Jasmin asked Aly that when did she not respected him and Aly reminded her that during the buzzer task, she told Eijaz that po**y agayi’. He tells her, “Do whatever you want but never disrespect him.

Aly even told Jasmin, “Do whatever you want but never disrespect him. You can slap me also during a task, but don’t disrespect him. Sometime when he is sitting alone, just go and tell him that you are sorry if you have ever spoken anything ill about him.”

In Friday's episode, Jasmin Bhasin, being a captain of the house, became the Sanchalak of the Luxury Budget task. According to the promo shared by Colours TV, Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni were seen locking horns. Jasmin is a 'Sanchalak' of 'Devil and Angels' game where she was seen supporting the angels.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma