New Delhi| Jagran Entertainment Desk: The fourteenth season of Bigg Boss has made sure to entertain the fans with its drama-packed episodes. Recently, the show welcomed the former contestants of Bigg Boss house from the previous season and they are making sure to keep the netizens hooked to the show. Challengers like Vikas Gupta, Manu Punjabi, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan, and Rakhi Sawant are making the show even more entertaining.

In the latest episode, the fun package of the show doubled up as Rakhi Sawant left everyone in splits and claimed that she holds an MBBS degree that she got from Canada. Not only this, but she also gave her high-end tips for people who face gas problems and said that people should eat potatoes often so that they can fight their gas problems and it is also good for heart blockages.

Adding to that she said by eating potatoes, the gas in our body comes up the heart and it starts paining and when we take the burp, the heart blockages are opened up and gives a person relief from gas problems. Rakhi also said that she has done MBBS and Aly asked her from where she did her MBBS to which she said that she did it from Canada. Rahul Vaidya asks Rakhi Sawant what is the full form of MBBS. Rakhi says that she will tell that later and goes out in the garden area saying that she wants to sneeze.

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Rahul further says that Rakhi is so neat that she even goes out to sneeze. After this, Rakhi goes to Abhinav and Rubina and asks them the full form of MBBS to which they got confused and gave the wrong answer. Abhinav said it is something biological science and Rakhi leaves. Aly Goni asks her the full form again. Rakhi says Medical Medicines Bachelors of Science. Rahul Vaidya asks her where is the other B. Rakhi says whatever it is.

Rakhi made sure to leave everyone in splits with her fun gig moments and we are all for it.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma