New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 14, Abhinav Shukla managed to win the immunity for this week. The entire house was nominated for the elimination and they had been given a task to get the immunity. It was a very innovative task planned by Bigg Boss and the fans thoroughly enjoyed the format. However, contestants played the task according to their interpretation and a lot of verbal clashes were seen during the game.

The episode was started with a tussle over kitchen duties. Eijaz Khan got a deep cut in his hand and asked kitchen queen Gauhar Khan to sort things out for him. Sidharth Shukla suggested Gauahar to stay away from their decisions so that things will not go smoothly. Later, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan have been seen locking horns. During the task, they both were in opposite teams and crossed all limits to make their team win.

In the task, contestants had to win jewellery by anyhow. Abhinav Shukla managed to convince everyone that if they will do the favour to him this time, he will surely payback. However, Rahul Vaidya doesn't seem to be happy with his actions and he refused to favour him.

Apart from the task, so many little things happened in the house that attracted the audience. Jasmin Bhasin was seen struggling with washing clothes. She started crying in front of Rubina, Abhinav and Sara Gurpal as she never washed her clothes before that.

Posted By: Srishti Goel