New Delhi | Jaagran Entertainment Desk: The Bigg Boss surprised its fans in Wednesday's episode with not just one but two people walking out of the house as the controversial reality TV show approaches its final week. In yesterday's episode, the housemates, in the beginning, were shown congratulating Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya for winning the immunity task.

In other development, Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni were shown debating on who should leave the house as Bigg Boss had asked them to choose one among themselves after they both lost the task in Tuesday's episode. Jasmin started crying and was adamant that she will leave the house and pleaded Aly Goni to stay till the end. However, Aly Goni refused and said that she should stay in the house and he wants her to win the Bigg Boss title.

The debate between the two goes on. Aly even threatened Jasmin that he will go on a hunger strike if she doesn't stop asking him to stay in the house. Jasmin was seen in an inconsolable state and kept sobbing till the last. The other contestants are also sad about the new development.

Meanwhile, Kavita Kaushik and Abhinav had little scuffle before Aly’s eviction. Later Bigg Boss asked Aly to leave the house and his eviction upsets many as Eijaz and Rahul share that he had a sporting spirit. Aly even tells Eijaz to take care of Jasmin.

Next morning, Bigg Boss announced a new task for immunity from eviction. Kavita was the first one to do the task. Kavita was seen taking the task for granted and she did not give much of a fight, rather she had a fight with Eijaz Khan, who was the Sanchalak of the task. Eijaz wanted that Kavita should give her 100 per cent in the task but Kavita replied and said that she did not want to learn the game from him.

When Rubina Dilaik interfered and said that Kavita has lost the passion for the game, she responded and said that she is not desperate enough to drag her marriage in the game and open her marital problems in front of national television. Later, Bigg Boss showed the footage to the housemates, in which they can be seen simply sitting or lazing around. Contestants were then ashamed to see that they have not been entertaining enough for the fans of the show.

After this the fight between Kavita and Rubina escalated with both throwing barbs at each other. Kavita told Rubina, “Come out of this house and I will show you.” She also asked if Rubina knew her “husband’s truth”. Rubina then retorted that she did not need to know her husband’s truth from her. Soon, Kavita was shown leaving the house from the main door which was opened by the Bigg Boss after shaming the contestants for being non-entertaining.

Posted By: Talib Khan