New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: The latest episode of the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 13 was an interesting one. The main highlight of the episode was that Hina Khan announced the winner of the BB Elite club. The other highlight of the episode was the ugly fight between Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh.

The episode began with Asim and Shehnaaz trying their best to prove their worth for the elite club in front of Hina Khan. Asim said that Shehnaaz does not deserve to be an elite member because she flips a lot. However, Arti defended this on Shehnaaz. Meanwhile, Rashami told Hina that Asim has a strong personality and that’s why he deserved to be a member of the elite club.

After much thinking, Hina declared Asim as the first member of this season’s Elite Club. Bigg Boss also congratulates Asim and then Hina showed him the elite club chamber. After this, Hina took leave from everyone.

Soon a discussion started between Arti and Shehnaaz and the former tell her that she always takes the side of the wrong person. Following this, a scuffle broke out between Shehnaaz and Vishal. Later Shehnaaz was seen talking with Shefali Jariwal and told her that she has a problem with Paras. She told Shefali that Paras created problems between her and Mahira.

After some time, Sidharth told Shehnaaz that he had the best time in the show with Shehnaaz but the situation won’t be the same once the show ends and things will change thereafter. Sidharth then can be seen having a fun time with Madhurima and Vishal. He also flirted with Rashami and asked her to smile to which she replied: “tum zyada to notice nhi kar rahe mujhe”.

Later at night, a scuffle broke between Madhurima and Vishal.

The next day began and the contestants wake up to the tunes of ‘Tunuk Tunuk Tun’. After some time, Bigg Boss gave an interesting task to the housemates in which they will be divided into two teams. Arti and Shefali are assigned the judges of the task. The two teams will have to create two advertisements in which Shehnaaz and Mahira will be the main faces.

The housemates strategised their advertisement and then present it in front of the judges. The task is won by Mahira, Paras, Vishal and Madhurima. This irked Sidharth and a scuffle broke between him and Arti. The Bigg Boss then announced that the winning team’s members Paras and Vishal get a chance to bring certain items from the store for which they are given ten minutes.

Posted By: Talib Khan