New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 13 started with Shehnaaz breaking down after Sidharth saved Arti from nominations and the two got into a heated argument. Shehnaaz started crying again making things worse between the two, while Arti continued her rant for Shehnaaz. Housemates tried to stop them from fighting but both of them were unstoppable.

Bigg Boss then resumed the task and Vishal goes on to save Shehnaaz, but Shehnaaz in return, saved Sidharth. Paras started teasing Vishal saying how his strategy failed when he saved Shehnaaz. Asim goes next when the buzzer rang, and he saved Shehnaaz too, while Arti saved Sidharth. Their game left Shehnaaz confused and Asim, as well as Vishal, had a funny time with her.

Meanwhile, the next buzzer rang and Rashami too saved Shehnaaz thereby saving her from the evictions. Next up, Shefali went and decided to save Mahira. Asim talked to Vishal and when Paras interrupts, the two got into a scuffle.

Later, Shehnaaz walked past Sidharth telling him ‘I hate you’ which led to another heated argument between the two. At the next buzzer, Paras saved Sidharth, thereby marking him safe from evictions.

Another argument followed between Rashami and Mahira over duties with everyone having different opinions. Sidharth tried to explain things to her but the arguments didn't stop. The nomination task then came to an end, and everyone in the house is nominated this week apart from Sidharth and Shehnaaz.

Meanwhile, the housemates indulged into arguments with each other. While Rashami exchanged heated arguments with Mahira, Paras defending Mahira, also got into an argument with Rashami and Vishal. Shehnaaz and Rashami too can be seen fighting with each other.

Shehnaaz then goes to Mahira and told her that the only reason she is speaking less about Rashami is out of respect. Shehnaaz told Mahira that she has now broken down and looking at Sidharth not talking to her is hurting her. Rashami then can be seen telling Shefali that she does not like eating stale food, to which Mahira interrupted and said that her cooked food is barely left while Shefali tried to explain things to her.

Meanwhile, Rashami decided to hide some tea leaves just to teach Mahira a lesson while Shehnaaz ran after Sidharth once again but he refused to talk to her again. Shehnaaz questioned Sidharth about her character leaving him in shock. She goes to Sidharth once again and shouted at him constantly while he continued to ignore her and talked to Shefali instead.

The next morning, Paras told everyone that Arti slept in washroom last night. Later, Shehnaaz told Vishal about her and Arti’s fight. Meanwhile, Sidharth passed by during Shehnaaz and Vishal’s conversation and murmured something. Sidharth then mimicked Shehnaaz while sitting with Shefali and their banter continued. Sidharth gave an earful to Shehnaaz and later, the two got into an argument. Shehnaaz again broke down and walked off to the washroom.

Meanwhile, Sidharth indulged in some funny banter with Rashami and she also asked him about his equation with Shehnaaz, while Mahira told Rashami there is extra oil in the dough and when Asim came in, it led to another argument. 

Posted By: Talib Khan