New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: The latest episode of the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 13 was very interesting. The main highlight of the episode was Shehnaaz Gill confessing her love for Sidharth Shukla. The other highlight of the episode was Hina Khan entering the house to decide the elite member of the house.

The episode began with Sidharth calling Shehnaaz inside but she refuses to do so. Salman got irked with it and called Sidharth back into the house. After some time Shehnaaz apologised to Salman for her behaviour and Salman then asked her to change her behaviour. He also gave a reference to his sisters and niece and said that they have never behaved in this manner in front of others and advised Shehnaaz to command respect instead of demanding it.

Salman then left the house. Sidharth, meanwhile, tried to calm Shehnaaz and asked her to come inside the house. However, she refused once again.

The next day began and the contestants wake up to ‘Jabra fan’.

After some time Shefali Jariwala, Mahira and Paras started having a discussion about Shehnaaz’s behaviour. Later Arti tried talking to Shehnaaz but the latter told the former that everyone in the house has hurt her and she won’t talk to anyone.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out between Shefali Jariwala and Madhurima over kitchen duties. Vishal then joined but soon a fight also broke out between him and Madhurima.

Later Sidharth once again tried to pacify Shehnaaz but she didn’t pay attention to him. Sidharth got irked with it and then told Arti that he won’t talk to her anymore. Next day, Shehnaaz tried to talk to Sidharth and both of them reconcile by hugging each other. Shehnaaz mentions certain demands which she has from him and confessed her love for him.

Later in the day, the Bigg Boss announced about the ‘Elite Club’ of the house. The ones who are a part of the elite club will also get a chance to save themselves from nominations for a week. After this, Bigg Boss 11 finalist Hina Khan entered the house to select one housemate among Shehnaaz and Asim who will become the first member of the elite club.

Posted By: Talib Khan