New Delhi| Jagran Entertainment Desk: In the recent episode of Anupama, viewers are going to get shocked, the high on TRP show starts with Vanraj confessing his feelings to Kavya that he wants to live with her and not Anupama. He tells her that even though he loves her, he shall not cause any trouble to her if she has made her mind to move on with Anirudh.

After listening to the heartfelt words of Vanraj, Kavya gets emotional and gets convinced that Vanraj is still in love with her. She further asks him that if he really wants to be with her or not. However, she also comes up with a deal that if he wants her back in his life, he needs to break all the ties with Anupama 'emotionally, mentally, and legally'.

After this, Vanraj takes her to his home and he announces in front of his family that he wants to marry Kavya and will leave everyone for her.

In the next scene, Vanraj was seen having a conversation with Baa. Vanraj's mother (Baa) says that he is repeating the same mistake and should avoid doing the same thing again. To which, Vanraj says that he will not only go far away from his family but also from Anupama's life. Vanraj even tells his family that it all happened because of Anupama as he was ready to start their relationship with a new start but she was not ready for the same.

In response, Anupama says that she feels bad for Kavya who does not even know how selfish and self-absorbed Vanraj is and is only doing this out of spite. She further says that earlier, she used to hate Kavya, but now she only pities her. She further says that what he did to her, he should not do the same to Kavya.

Later, Anupama goes and calls the divorce lawyer to file a divorce with Vanraj.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma