New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: In the recent episode of Anupama we saw Rakhi creating a scene at her daughter's house by gifting her family a washing machine. On seeing this Baa doubts on Kinjal for complaining her mother, however, Anupama takes stand for Kinjal and says that her daughter-in-law cannot reveal house matters to her mother.

Rakhi also scolds Baa for unnecessarily scolding her daughter and says when Kavya comes to their house she doesn't object, but, for washing machine, she is creating an unnecessary scene by rejecting her gift.

She further mocks Anupama and says that if they don't want to accept the machine as a gift then they should pay her Rs 70,000 at the instalment of Rs 1 owing to their poor condition. This doesn't go down well with Vanraj and comes out in Anupama's support. He scolds Rakhi and says, he is not going to bear his wife's insult and claims that he can bring washing machine for Anupama in the flick.

Meanwhile, the camera pans on Anupama and other family members who are standing in shock after seeing Vanraj taking a stand for Anupama and calling her his 'wife'.

Vanraj's revelation amuses Rakhi and starts clapping, she asks Kinjal and Paritosh to bring sweets as her father has finally regained his memory and remembers Anupama as his wife.

As this all continues, Kinjal supports her mother Rakhi and argues with a family that for once her mother did a good deed by helping them and bringing washing machine. On hearing this Vanraj fumes in anger and scolds for taking her mother's side and says he assumed Kinjal is a sensible girl, however with this act she proved that her love for Anupama is fake.

Anupama immediately intervenes and once again takes stand for her daughter-in-law and says Rakhi would have heard about the washing machine when she was talking to Kinjal. She further thanks Rakhi for bringing the washing machine, however, she asks her to take it back as they cannot accept such a huge gift.

Afterwards, Rakhi comes out of the house and asks the delivery boys to either keep the machine with themselves or through it away. As she was ordering this to them she happens to see Vanraj's girlfriend Kavya.

She thinks of creating a scene and once again instigates Vanraj by screaming from outside the house. On hearing this Vanraj thinks let's settle this for once and for all and comes out to give Rakhi earful for her behaviour. He says that Anupama doesn't need anything from her because her husband is alive and can provide him with the best facility.

Kavya who witnessed the whole incident stands of Vanraj addressing Anupama his wife shares an awkward look with Vanraj. On coming inside the house Vanraj thinks that Kavya didn't call him and believes that Kavya has accepted the fact and is moving on in her life.

On the other hand, Paritosh and Kinjal discuss how their father addressed Anupama as his wife and their mother didn't react to it.

Next morning, Anupama learns from Baa that Vanraj has bought a washing machine for her this, doesn't go down well with her and confronts him about his sudden change in his behaviour.

Vanraj says that he has realised his mistake and being her husband even he wants to take care of her just like she is taking his care after the accident. On hearing this Anupama fumes in anger and says that she is not his wife or Anupama Vanraj Shah, she is just Anupama. (Episode ends)

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv