Kolkata | Jagran Politics Desk: Prashant Kishor, Mamata Banerjee's poll strategist for the West Bengal Assembly Elections on Saturday dared the BJP to show courage and release the full audio chat instead of getting excited with selective use of parts of it. Kishor also said that the BJP is taking his chat more seriously than the words of their own leaders.

"I am glad BJP is taking my chat more seriously than words of their own leaders! They should show courage & share the full chat instead of getting excited with selective use of parts of it. I have said this before & repeating again - BJP will not CROSS 100 in WB. Period," Prashant Kishor tweeted today morning.

His tweet came a day after BJP's IT Cell Head and co-incharge of West Bengal Amit Malviya on Friday tweeted his leaked conversation. In his tweet, Malviya said that Kishor concedes that even in TMC's internal surveys, BJP is winning the West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021.

"In a public chat on Club House, Mamata Banerjee's election strategist concedes that even in TMC's internal surveys, BJP is winning. The vote is for Modi, polarisation is a reality, the SCs (27 per cent of WB's population), Matuas are all voting for the BJP! BJP has cadre on the ground. Another candid admission by Mamata Banerjee's election strategist - all that the Left, Congress and TMC ecosystem have done in the last 20 years is Muslim appeasement. Implication? It has resulted in resentment on the ground. The speakers had not realised that the chat was public!" Malviya said.

"Modi is hugely popular in Bengal and there is no doubt about it. There is a cult around him across the country. There is anti-incumbency against TMC, polarisation is a reality, SC votes is a factor plus BJP's election machinery, says Mamata Banerjee's strategist in an open chat. Is it open? That moment when Mamata Banerjee's strategist realised that the Club House room was open and his admissions were being heard by the public at large and not just a handful of Lutyens journalist. Deafening silence followed... TMC's election was just thrown away!" Malviya added.

In the leaked clubhouse chat, Kishor can be heard saying that the anti-incumbency faced by Trinamool Congress has opened the doors for BJP and that there is "anger" against the ruling party in the state. Kishor also admitted that BJP has workers on the ground and that people were coming in large numbers to rallies of the Prime Minister who has acquired a "cult" in the country. He said that the Matua community was predominantly voting for the BJP and that there had been "blatant misuse of minority politics" by non-BJP parties in the state.

"There is vote in the name of Modi. There is vote for being Hindu. Polarisation, Modi, Hindi speakers, these are factors. Modi is popular. There are over one crore Hindi speakers. There are 27 per cent Dalits, they are totally with BJP. When we do a survey and ask people whose government will be formed in Bengal, then it comes in our survey that the government is being formed by BJP," he said.

"10-15-20-25 per cent people see God in him. Whether it is right or wrong, that is a different debate. He has acquired a cult in the country. The Hindi speaking people are the core support base of BJP in Bengal. There is anti-incumbency against the state government, not the Centre. Modi is quite popular here. We are doing surveys. Modi and Mamata are equally popular in Bengal which is a very big thing," Kishor said.

He said a major problem was that for 20 years "everything has been done to appease the minorities" and added that there had been a feeling that the government will be formed by a party that gets the support of Muslims. Noting that Congress, Trinamool Congress and the Left had been part of this ecosystem, Kishor said for the first time Hindus are feeling that "somebody is caring for them". "There is some element that BJP is exploiting and that is coming from blatant misuse of minority politics by some of these parties," he said.

(With ANI Inputs)

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan