New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: BJP won a total of 6 seats in the state while Samajwadi Party won only 1 seat in Uttar Pradesh by-polls. Polling was held on 7 seats.  BJP is presently leading on four assembly seats. The by-poll result would be a litmus test for Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government for their handling of the health and unemployment challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The seven seats which went to bypolls include Ghatampur, Malhani, Bangarmau, Deoria Naugaon Sadat, Bulandshahr and Tundla. A voter turnout of more than 53 percent was recorded in the state bypolls for which 88 candidates are in the fray.

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The Bharatiya Janata Party had won six out of these seven seats in 2017 polls but they fell vacant after the demise of sitting MLAs. The most keenly watched among these will be the result of Unnao's Bangarmau seat, which fell vacant after the conviction of sitting BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar in the rape of a woman from his village.

Here are the Highlights of UP Bypolls Results 2020:

5:00 pm: constituency wise winners

Uttar Pradesh Winner

Bangermau BJP's Shrikant Katiyar

Bulandshahr BJP's Usha Sirohi

Deoria BJP's Dr. Satyaprakash Mani Tripathi urf Guddu Babu

Ghatampur BJP's Upendra Nath Paswan

Malhani SP's Lucky Yadav

Naugawan Sadat BJP's Sangeeta Chauhan (Leading)

Tundla BJP"s Prempal Singh Dhangar (Winner)

04:30 pm: BJP has won three seats in UP bypolls and leading in three seats

-Shrimant Katiyar won in Bangermau

-Sangeet Chouhan, wife of late minister Chetan Chouhan, wins from Naugavan Sadat

-Prem Pal Singh wins from Tundla

04:20 pm: Bulandshahr by-election: Usha Sirohi of BJP defeated Haji Yunus of BSP by 20 thousand votes.

04:15 pm: In Malhani seat of Jaunpur, Lucky Yadav of Samajwadi Party is ahead of  Independent Dhananjay Singh by 4500 votes.

04:10 pm: In Tundla by-election, BJP's Paripal Dhankar has registered a decisive gain over  SP's Maharaj Singh Dhangar.

4:00 pm: BJP registers victory in Deoria Sadar seat assembly by-election. BJP's Dr. Satya Prakash Mani Tripathi won the election. Won elections with nearly 19 thousand votes. After some time, Dr. Satya Prakash Mani Tripathi will reach the counting place

3:30 pm: BJP's Sangeeta Chauhan won from Amauha's Naugaon seat. Defeated Javed Abbas of SP.

3:00 pm: The ruling BJP is on course for a big victory in the by-election. A huge increase in 6 of 7 seats in the trends so far. BJP's lead over 5 seats more than 10 thousand. 18 thousand in Bulandshahr, 16 thousand in Bangarmau. 10 thousand leads in Ghatampur, Deoria and Tundla. BJP is behind only in Malhani seat of Jaunpur.

2:30 pm: Tundla Firozabad (95) Assembly Counting Updates

Result of 33 rounds

Bharatiya Janata Party (Prem Pal Dhangar) .... 59,119

Samajwadi Party (Maharaj Singh Dhangar) ..... 47,699

BSP (Sanjeev Chak) .. 33,358

BJP ahead with 11.420 votes in 33 rounds.

2:00 pm: Tundla Firozabad (95) Assembly Counting Updates

Result after 25th round of counting

Bharatiya Janata Party (Prem Pal Dhangar) .... 46631

Samajwadi Party (Maharaj Singh Dhangar) ..... 37405

BSP (Sanjeev Chak) .. 25988

BJP ahead with 9,226 votes in 25 rounds

SP second

1:45 pm: Deoria by-election results BJP candidate's lead crosses 10,000. Fresh trends after the 20th round, BJP candidate got 38719 votes so far, SP candidate got 28409 votes, BJP ahead of 10310 votes

1:30 pm: Bangarmau by-election counting completed for seventeenth round

BJP (Srikanth Katiyar) - 33259 SP (Suresh Pal) - 16626 BSP (Mahesh Pal) - 9000 Congress (Aarti Bajpai) - 20281. BJP ahead with 12978 votes

1:15 pm: Bulandshahr by-election round 13 completed: BJP candidate Usha Sirohi leads by 13849 votes over his closest rival. Usha Sirohi has got 43005 votes so far. BSP candidate Haji Yunus has received 29156 votes so far.

1:05 pm: Kanpur Ghatampur by-election:

Round 15 Upendra Paswan BJP - 25547 Kripa Shankar Sankhwar Congress - 10226 Kuldeep Sankhwar BSP - 19181 Indrajit Corey SP - 10470

BJP candidate Upendra Paswan ahead of BSP candidate Kuldeep Sankhwar by 6366 votes

12:45 pm: Tundla Firozabad (95) Assembly Counting Updates

Result of 20 rounds

Bharatiya Janata Party (Prem Pal Dhangar) .... 35886

Samajwadi Party (Maharaj Singh Dhangar) ..... 25322

BSP (Sanjeev Chak) .. 20971

BJP ahead with 10,564 votes in 20 rounds

12:30 pm: Tundla Firozabad (95) Assembly Counting Updates

Results after 19th round of counting

Bharatiya Janata Party (Prem Pal Dhangar) .... 33151

Samajwadi Party (Maharaj Singh Dhangar) ..... 24187

BSP (Sanjeev Chak) .. 20068

BJP ahead with 8,964 votes in 19 rounds

12:15 pm: Bulandshahr Bypoll Result Update: Usha Sirohi of BJP is leading by 7175 votes after the 10th round. BJP candidate Usha Sirohi has so far received 32157 votes whereas BSP candidate Haji Yunus has so far received 24982 votes.

12:02 pm: In Amroha's Naugaon Sadat seat, SP candidate Javed Abbas is behind BJP's Sangeeta Chauhan. Javed Abdi, who was leading up to the sixth round, is now trailing.

12:00 pm: Bangarmau by-election counting Tenth round count. BJP (Shrikant Katiyar) - 19169 SP (Suresh Pal) - 10756 BSP (Mahesh Pal) - 5244 Congress (Aarti Bajpai) - 9223

BJP ahead with 8413 votes

11:45 am: Sixth-round of counting completed. A tough contest is at play in Naugaon assembly seat. SP candidate Javed Abbas's lead has reduced. Earlier, he was ahead with 4028 votes, currently he is leading by 1756. BJP candidate Sangeeta Chauhan is second. BSP candidate at number three. Congress candidate at number four. 6 rounds of counting completed.

11:30 am: After the fifth round of counting, BJP candidate's lead has reduced to 807 votes in Ghatampur. So far 21848 votes have been counted. BJP has got 7632 votes, Congress 3153, BSP 6825 and SP has 3681 votes.

11:15 am: BJP candidate in fray from Ghatampur Assembly constituency leading BSP candidate by 807 votes.

Toral votes: 21848

BJP: 7632 votes Congress: 3153 votes BSP: 6825 votes SP: 3681 votes

11:00 am: As per the latest updates, BJP is leading on four seats, Samajwadi Party on one seat, Bahujan Samaj Party on one seat and Independent on one seat out of the total seven seats.

10:40 am: Kanpur Ghatampur by-election

After the fourth round of counting, BJP candidate is ahead of BSP by 1120 votes. Of the 17331 votes, BJP received 6209 votes while BSP got 5089 votes followed by SP at 3167. Congress got 2380.

10:20 am:  SP candidate Maulana Javed Abdi is ahead of BJP candidate Sangeeta Chauhan by 5161 votes.

10:15 am: BJP leading on three seats, Samajwadi Party on one seat and Bahujan Samaj Party on one seat out of the total seven seats for which by-polls were held in Uttar Pradesh

10:00 am: Malhani by-election of Jaunpur: Independent Dhananjay Singh is ahead of SP's Lucky Yadav by 900 votes after counting the fourth round.

9:45 am:  Kanpur Ghatampur by-election Round one Total Votes = 3858

BJP - 1169

Congress - 263

BSP - 1341

SP - 950

BSP candidate ahead of BJP candidate by 172 votes

9:35 am: Tundla by-election results: fourth round BJP Prempal Singh Dhangar-7306

SP Maharaj Singh Dhangar-6334

BSP Sanjeev Chak-4336

BJP ahead with 972 votes

9:20 am: Tundla by-election results: BJP's Prem Pal Dhankar ahead of 600 votes in second round

9:15 am: Unnao Bangarmau by-election results: first round count completed BJP-2033. SP- 997. BSP - 517. Congress - 762. BJP candidate ahead by more than 1000

9:10 am: BJP candidate Usha Sirohi leads by 560 votes from Bulandsahar, Haji Yunus from BSP in second place.

9:05 am: Bangarmau by-election results: EVM vote counting begins. In the initial trend, BJP made a lead in the postal ballot.

9:00 am: In Tundla, the BJP candidate has so far garnered 1917 votes, SP candidate has got 1971 and BSP 1139 votes. SP candidate  is ahead in  first-round by 54 votes.

8:45 am: Javed Abdi of SP is leading from Naugaon Sadat assembly seat of Amroha.

8:30 am: In the initial trend, Bharatiya Janata Party surges ahead at Ghatampur seat of Kanpur.

8:00 am: Counting begins for high stake poll battle in Uttar Pradesh. First the postal ballot is being counted. According to estimates, the first trend will come in half an hour.

06:55 am: Counting of votes will be completed in 35 rounds for Naugaon Sadat assembly seat. Votes will be counted on 19 tables under the Kovid protocol.

06:45 am: In Tundla, counting of votes will take place in Vegetable Market Complex from 8:00 am. Entry of counting personnel will be done from 6 o'clock. A hall has been built for counting, in which 14 tables have been installed. Counting will be completed in 40 rounds.

6:35 am: Counting of votes in Ghatampur will be done in 35 rounds on 14 tables. The fate of 6 candidates will be decided. The seat was vacated by the death of Cabinet Minister Kamla Rani Varun

06:30 am: The bypolls will be a test of popularity for the UP government, as the BJP already has a comfortable majority in the state assembly

06:15 am: The counting of votes for seven assembly seats of Uttar Pradesh bypolls which concluded on November 3,  is set to begin at 8 am today.

BJP currently holds the maximum number of seats (306) in the 403-member house. BJP's ally Apna Dal has won nine seats in 2017 polls. The NDA also has the support of three independent MLAs. The largest Opposition party is Samajwadi Party, with 48 seats. The BSP has 18 MLAs, Congress seven, and the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, four.

Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Jha