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From 'anti-farmers' image to creating employment opportunities, major challenges in front of Yogi 2.0 | Jagran Explainer

From the challenge to deal with the stray animals to creating employment opportunities while staying tough against crime and criminals, these are the challenges that Yogi Adityanath government will have to deal with, in its second term.

From 'anti-farmers' image to creating employment opportunities, major challenges in front of Yogi 2.0 | Jagran Explainer
Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath | file image

Lucknow/New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The BJP has made a stunning comeback in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections to claim a second term. Yogi Adityanath will begin his second innings as Chief Minister. The latest election results have broken superstitions and overturned the myths.
Yogi's second innings is not expected to be easy this time in view of the general elections in 2024.

These are the challenges in front of the second innings of Yogi Adityanath:

1. The challenge to deal with stray animals: In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the opposition raised the issue of stray animals vigorously. The stray bull was made into an election issue which surrounded the Yogi government. Stray cattle in Uttar Pradesh result in two-way damage to farmers, as they destroy crops in the fields, while the second loss is in the form of an economic and security point of view. To protect the rural Uttar Pradesh citizens from the stray animals, the farmer has to fence the fields. In such a situation, Yogi will have a challenge to deal with this problem in his next term.

2. The employment challenge: During the elections, the Opposition had raised the issue of unemployment vigorously to woo the young voters. The opposition claimed that the employment rate of Uttar Pradesh had gone down in the last five years. Creating employment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh will remain a big challenge in front of Yogi in the second innings. Along with government jobs, creating new opportunities and employment opportunities for the people during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be no less than a challenge for Yogi Adityanath. An analysis of the unemployment data of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) revealed that the number of unemployed has increased in five years. According to this report, there has been an increase of 14 per cent in the number of people living in UP who want employment. The opposition claimed that the employment rate in UP has fallen sharply in the last five years.

3. The challenge to remove the tag of being ‘anti farmer govt’ : The farmers' agitation became a major issue in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Right before the elections, the Modi government withdrew all three contentious farm laws.
In such a situation, the opposition alleged the BJP government to be an anti-farmer government. However, even after the farmers' agitation, people's mandate came in the BJP's favour.

4. Maintaining a strict image by taking action against the criminals: For some time now, in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been identified as 'Bulldozer Baba'. In Yogi Raj Part-I, swift action was taken against the goons and mafias. Strong action was taken against everyone from Atiq Ahmed to Azam Khan. In Mukhtar Ansari's mind, so much was the fear of the Yogi government that he left Uttar Pradesh and shifted to a jail in Punjab. To bring Mukhtar back to UP, the UP government had to knock on the door of the Supreme Court. Keeping law and order tight is a big challenge in Yogi Raj 2.

5. Taking the BJP's graph up till 2024 General Elections: UP will have the key to power in the country in 2024 too. The road to the Center goes through UP only. The party whose magic works in UP reaches the throne of power at Centre. Taking the BJP's graph up in Uttar Pradesh will be a big challenge for them, because in the 2024 general elections, the party will have big expectations from this state.

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