New Delhi | Jagran Politics Desk: Workers of Delhi Congress protested against senior party leader Kapil Sibal outside his residence in New Delhi, hours after Sibal reiterated demands for sweeping reforms raised by G-23 leaders. The party leaders showed placards that read 'Get Well Soon Kapil Sibal'. 

Sibal slammed the leadership in the Congress party over the turn of events in Punjab politics earlier in the day and raised some uncomfortable questions for the Gandhi Parivar.

"In our party, there is no president so we don't know who is taking these decisions. We know & yet we don't know," Sibal said while addressing a press conference in Delhi.

Sibal spoke to the media on behalf of the Congressmen who wrote a letter to the party high command, Sonia Gandhi, in August last year demanding changes in the party for a "visible leadership".

"We are waiting for the actions to be taken by our leadership in respect of the election of the office of the president, to CWC & central election committee," Sibal said.

Emphasizing the need for a dialogue among the party to assess why Congress is facing a clash in the Punjab unit, Sibal said "I believe that one of my senior colleagues has perhaps written or is about to write to Congress president to immediately convene a CWC so that a dialogue can take place as to why we are in this state."

He also raised concern that the political rift in Punjab Congress can open doors for ISI and Pakistan to take advantage of the situation. He asked Congress to ensure that the party remains united to keep the enemy at bay.

"A border state (Punjab) where this is happening to Congress party means what? It is an advantage to ISI and Pakistan. We know the history of Punjab and the rise of extremism there... Congress should ensure that they remain united," Sibal said.

Further, referring to the recent series of resignations in the Punjab Congress wherein prominent figures like Navjot Singh Sidhu and Captain Amrinder Singh quit their positions amid dispute with the high command, Sibal said "We (leaders of G-23) are not the ones who will leave the party & go anywhere else. It is ironic. Those who were close to them (party leadership) have left & those whom they don't consider to be close to them are still standing with them."

"We are not “Jee Huzoor 23”. It is very clear. We will keep talking. We will continue to reiterate our demands: Congress leader Kapil Sibal, one of the 23 party leaders who wrote a letter to Congress president last year, demanding a slew of organizational reforms," he concluded.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha