Thiruvananthapuram | Jagran Politics Desk: Metro man E Sreedharan, who will join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) next week ahead of the Kerala Assembly Elections 2021, has strongly supported the new farm laws and said that it has become a fashion in India to "oppose whatever the Modi government does".

Speaking to news agency PTI from Kerala's Ponnani, Sreedharan said that the farmers have not really understood the farm acts or they don't want to understand for "political reasons".

"They have to educate the farmers and tell them that it is in their own interest. If this is not done, what is going to happen to them. They (protesting farmers) don't realise what will happen five years down the line," he told PTI.

Sreedharan, better known as metro man, asserted that there is no "intolerance" in India but said that any attempt to malign the government before a foreign dispensation or medium can't be called "freedom of expression" as that would tantamount to "war against the establishment" which needs to be controlled.

He also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi with whom he has worked on various projects and said that he is "very upright, corruption-free, committed, very passionate about the country's interests, very hardworking and very forward-looking".

"That is why all these things are happening. The government is so forward-looking and dynamic...if they join (support) the (central) government, things will be so different for India and the world," he told PTI.

"Unfortunately, some of our friends in opposite parties are working against the interests of the country," he added.

On the upcoming Kerala Assembly Elections 2021, Sreedharan said that he is ready to become the chief minister if the BJP wins, noting that his main aim will be to focus on developing infrastructure.

The 88-year-old technocrat also made it clear that he will not be interested in the governorship, saying that it is purely a "constitutional position and no powers at all" and that he won't be able to make any positive contribution to the state being in such a position.

"The state is in a debt trap today, so much of borrowings. And debt burden on each Malayalee is Rs 1.2 lakh today... That means we are heading for bankruptcy and the government still continues to borrow. The state finances need to be propped up and for that, we need to find a solution," he said.

On the reasons for deciding to join the BJP which is in power at the Centre, Sreedharan said that he wanted to do things for the benefit of Kerala as the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF) have not been able to bring any tangible progress to the state.

"Why I chose BJP is for a different reason. The two others in Kerala -- UDF and LDF -- have been ruling Kerala alternately... They have not been able to bring any tangible progress to the state, not even one industry has come to the state in the last 20 years...," he said

"They were having tussles with the (central) government all the time. The two governments are not able to see eye to eye on many matters. The development of the state is suffering. If the BJP comes to power here, they will have a good rapport with the Government of India," he added.

Sreedharan's entry into the BJP is being seen as a major boost for the party in Kerala where elections are slated to be held in April and May this year. The state is being ruled by the LDF and the Congress-led UDF alternately for the past many years.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma