Patna | Jagran Politics Desk: Congress leader Ajeet Sharma has managed to retain the Bhagalpur Vidhan Sabha seat. According to election commission, Sharma got around 65,502 while Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Rohit Pandey received 64,389 votes.

Talking about the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, the voting for the first phase was held on October 28. A total of 94 constituencies voted in the second phase on November 3, including Bhagalpur. The voting for phase 2 and phase 3 polls took place on November 3 and 7 respectively, while the votes were counted on November 10.

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Below are the highlights:

22:46 PM| Congress' Ajeet Sharma beats BJP's Rohit Pandey by a margin of 1,113 votes. 

20:45 PM| INC's Ajeet Sharma is leading with a good margin. According to ECI, the incumbent Conress MLA is leading with 6,163 votes.

20:04 PM| BJP trails, Congress's Ajeet Sharma leads with 3,871 votes.

19:43 PM| INC's Ajeet Sharma leads with 4,440 votes, BJP trails.

19:16 PM| According to Election Commission of India, Congress's Ajeet Sharma is currently leading Bhagalpur with 6,452 votes.

18:16 PM| According to ECI, Congress MLA Ajeet Sharma is leading Bhagalpur with 2,611 votes.

17:37 PM| The latest trends suggest that the incumbent Congress MLA Ajeet Sharma is leading the seat with 529 votes.

Bihar Election Results 2020 Key Highlights

17:28 PM| According to Election Commission of India, BJP's contestant Rohit Pandey is leading with 1,874 votes.

16:52 PM| The data of ECI suggests that, BJP's Rohit Pandey is leading with 5,013 votes, INC's Ajeet Sharma trails.

16: 00 PM| According to Election Commission of India, BJP's Rohit Pandey is leading with 6,107 votes, INC's Ajeet Sharma trails.

14:30 PM| INC's Ajeet Sharma trails with 2,000 votes.

13:38 PM| BJP's Rohit pandey is leading with 2,024 votes, according to the election commision of India.

12: 37 PM| Congress's Ajeet Sharma is trailing with 39 percentage of votes.

11:40 AM| The BJP's Rohit Pandey is leading with 43.45% of votes, Congress's Ajeet Sharma trails

11:30 AM| Congress's Ajeet Sharma leads, BJP, LJP trails.

10:49 AM| BJP's Rohit Pandey leads, Congress, LJP trails.

10:46 AM| LJP's Rajesh Sharma trails, Congress leads.

10:24 AM| Congress leading from this seat, LJP, RLSP trails.

10:01 AM|  Lok Janshakti Party's Rajesh Sharma and RLSP candidate Syed Shah Ali Sajjad Alam are trailing from Bhagalpur.

9:53 AM| Congress leads from Bhagalpur, RLSP, LJP trails.

9:30 AM| RLSP's Syed Ali Shah trails from Bhagalpur, INC leads.

9:17 AM| LJP trails from Bhagalpur.

9:03 AM| INC's Ajeet Sharma leads, LJP, RLSP trails from Bhagalpur.

8:57 AM| LJP trails from Bhagalpur, whereas INC's Ajeet Sharma leads from this seat.

8:34 AM| INC Leading from Bhagalpur. In 2015, Ajeet Sharma won this seat with a margin of 10,658 securing 70,514 votes.

8:17 AM| The counting of votes for Bihar Assembly elections has begun and is underway at counting centre established at Anugrah Narayan College in Patna.

8:00 AM| Counting of votes begins for Bihar Assembly elections 2020.

7:20 AM| The Bhagalpur seat is a stronghold of Congress and  incumbent Ajeet Sharma has won from this seat twice and is seeking his third term.

6: 40 AM| The incumbent Ajeet Sharma is the father of actress Neha Sharma, who hails from he silk towan of India aka Bhagalpur

6: 20 AM| In Bhagalpur constituency, the fate of Congress MLA Ajeet Sharma, who is seeking his third term from Bhagalpur and BJP's Rohit Pandey will be tested.

6:00 AM| The counting of votes will begin at 8 am today. The trends on leading and trailing candiddates will start emerging by 9 am.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma