New Delhi | Jagran Elections DeskAs the assembly elections, 2022 have been pushed online, the Election Commission has come up with a new 'cVIGIL'- Mobile App to ensure fair and free polls. EC's Chief Commissioner Sushil Chandra on Saturday launched the cVIGIL application along with the election schedule in five states. The app has been designed to tackle the problem of corruption during the elections.

What is cVIGIL app?

cVIGIL stands for Vigilant Citizen and it is an android application, which can be used for reporting violations of the Model Code of Conduct in the elections. It is available as a free app for all Android users in India.

How does it work?

People can lodge complaints of poll malpractices and any incident of violation of the Model Code of Conduct through cVIGIL app. The Election Commission will take action within 100 minutes of the complaint.

How to use it?

  • To be able to use this app first you have to login either anonymously or via your mobile number.
  • Once you are logged in, you can click a photo or record a video of upto 2 minutes and submit it as digital proof of any fraudulent practice taking place during the elections.
  • The system will automatically track the location of the picture or video being uploaded via the Geographic Information System.
  • Then you will receive a unique ID to track and receive updates on your mobile.
  • The complaint will be received by District Control Room, Returning Officer, and Field Unit (Flying Squads) / Static Surveillance Teams.
  • After the complaint is received, flying squads will be routed to the spot within 100 minutes of the complaint.
  • It must be noted that anonymously users will not be able to track their complaint.

How reliable is the app?

cVIGIL application can only be used within geographical boundary of States where elections are being held. The app will not allow uploading of the pre-recorded images/ videos. To avoid repetitive complaints from the same spot, the system forces time delay of 5 minutes between successive complaints by the same person. District Controller has the option of dropping duplicate, frivolous or unrelated cases.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha