New Delhi | Jagran Education Desk: In its bid to reduce the syllabus for students amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has removed key and core chapters from the school courses.

Democratic Rights, Food Security in India, Citizenship and Secularism are the chapters which were dropped by the CBSE from political science course for class 9th to 12th. Apart from political science, the board has also revised the Economics and History courses as well.

What has been removed from courses for class 9th to 12th :

From class 9th syllabus, chapters on ‘Democratic Rights’ and ‘Structure of the Indian Constitution’ have been removed by the CBSE from Political Science course, while a chapter on ‘Food Security in India’ has been completely removed from Economics syllabus.

From class 10th, the chapters on ‘Democracy and Diversity’, ‘Caste, Religion and Gender’, and ‘Challenges to Democracy’ have been removed from the political science syllabus.

From class 11th, chapters on Federalism, Citizenship, Nationalism and Secularism were ‘completely removed’ from the Political Science syllabus, while only two units -- 'Why do we need Local Governments?' and 'Growth of Local Government in India' -- from ‘Local Government’ chapter has been deleted.

From class 12th Political Science syllabus, chapters on ‘Security in the Contemporary World’, ‘Environment and Natural Resources’, ‘Social and New Social Movements in India’, and ‘Regional Aspirations’ were completely removed.

Units of ‘Changing Nature of India’s Economic Development’, ‘Planning Commission and Five Year Plans’ from the chapter ‘Planned Development' was removed from class 12th syllabus.

‘India's Relations with its Neighbours: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar’ was also deleted for the present session from the chapter on ‘India's Foreign Policy’.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced on Tuesday that the syllabus for 2020-21 would be reduced by a third because of the "extraordinary situation" as the world fights the coronavirus pandemic.

"Looking at the extraordinary situation prevailing in the country and the world, CBSE was advised to revise the curriculum and reduce course load for the students of Class 9th to 12th," Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said.

"Considering the importance of learning achievement, it has been decided to rationalize syllabus up to 30% by retaining the core concepts," Pokhriyal said in a series of tweets.

Posted By: Talib Khan