Rajasthan cancels Diwali break for all schools in the state, only gazetted holidays allowed | Details

Schools in Rajasthan will not give long breaks in Diwali this year, announced Rajasthan Government. The step is taken to cover for academics loss of students due to extended school closure.

By Ashita Singh
Updated: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 11:11 AM IST
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Rajasthan cancels Diwali break for all schools in the state, only gazetted holidays allowed | Details

New Delhi | Jagran Education Desk: Rajasthan schools will not be closed for Diwali. As per the latest reports, Rajasthan Government has cancelled long Diwali breaks for the year 2021, Keeping in mind the loss of learning in students. Rajasthan Government issued a notice stating they have decided to revise their holiday calendar to allow only gazetted holidays in state schools.

In the official circular, Rajasthan Government has urged all the schools to put the long leaves on hold at present and they have been asked to operate even on a Saturday (provided there is no gazette holiday on that day) as well. In addition, the Schools have also been denied to declare any special leaves or holidays in lieu of Diwali or any other reason in the schools of the state.

Rajasthan government took the decision in view of the loss of learning due to the extended closure of schools because of the Pandemic in the state. The extended closure of schools has been a pressing concern for various states. The decision, in turn, is aimed at providing more time for classroom learning for students.

As per the official Holiday Calendar of Rajasthan Schools, the Diwali holidays are from 4th to 7th November 2021. Also, as per the Government of India, Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj are Restricted Holidays and not Gazetted holidays, therefore schools might remain open.

Earlier, the Rajasthan Schools reopened on September 29, 2021, for classes 1 to 5 and the higher classes were started even before. Schools after a very long closure due to pandemic across the nation. Students returned to take physical classes after almost a year and a half in Rajasthan and in other states too.

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