New Delhi | Jagran Education Desk: The Joint Entrance exam for admission to engineering colleges commenced today despite stiff resistance from opposition parties and various student unions. Jagran English reached out to JEE and NEET aspirants to seek their views on the government's move to go ahead with the Supreme Court's order to conduct the exams right in the middle of a pandemic. Though, most of the students agreed that holding exams right now poses a health threat, some were also of the opinion that postponing the exam is not a solution as they could not risk losing an entire year.

Here is what aspirants think about the competitive exams being held amid the pandemic:

Two-time NEET aspirant and resident of Meerut, Ritika Srivastava said she would prefer giving the exam even as she expressed concern that she doesn't want to risk infecting her family.

 “We are in a constant loop of studying which is creating pressure on us. If I will not appear in the exams soon, then, it might break the flow and I would have to start from scratch.”

“I am willing to give the exam but I am equally afraid of the pandemic. We are young people and I am sure I can recover from the disease but I can't let my parents get infected. So, we are somewhere in the middle and we need to deal with the situation. I can’t let my career get affected. I know, it is very difficult for any government to make perfect arrangements for such a huge population but I believe that the advisory made by NTA would help us.” she added,

 Aina Sahani, a Delhi NCR resident and fourth time NEET aspirant told Jagran English that the students who are prepared to give the exam don’t want the postponement.

“The scenario is.. better prepared and sincere students were ready to give exam in May itself, then in July and even now in September. Constantly delaying in the examination is only increasing mental pressure. There are near 16 lakh aspirants for NEET, out of which, only 2 lakh students are prepared and serious about the examination. Rest 14 –lakh are the same students who want to postpone the exam for their personal benefit." she said.

Admitting the risk involved in giving the exam, Aina said that postponement of the exam is just not a solution, it will only increase mental pressure

A first time NEET aspirant, Manas Gupta, who is a Delhi NCR resident told Jagran, “I am prepared to give NEET exam in the ongoing situation. I don’t want the examination to get delayed as I know things are going to remain the same for the next few months. It is better to accept the situation and with the due precautionary measures, we must appear for the exams.

Mohak, a first-time JEE aspirant, opined that the government needs to chalk out different strategies for NEET and JEE examination.

“I believe, the government should make separate decisions for NEET and JEE. The NEET aspirants are more cautious about time, they cannot waste their entire year as there is a long academic structure for them. Whereas, being a JEE aspirant I can wait for the situation to get back to normal. I have little children, old granny at my home and I don’t want to risk their lives. I want the government to postpone the exams because it is very difficult for us to make a decision.”

Two-time JEE aspirant and Meerut resident, Naman Jain shared his previous exams experience during the pandemic.

He said “I think, conducting competitive exams in the ongoing situation has created more pressure on students. I have appeared for a University entrance exam, we have been assured about the sanitization and social distancing but I found nothing. JEE is a competitive exam and it is one of the toughest exams in India, we can’t give the exam in this situation. I preferably don’t want to appear for the exam in this situation."

Posted By: Srishti Goel