New Delhi | Agastyaa Gupta: The ‘eProject’ is a social initiative that aims to help students from underprivileged families continue their education during these difficult and testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. They help by collecting idle devices from individuals who reach out to them through their social media platforms and then donate them to students.

When the pandemic first started in March 2020, it was extremely easy for privileged students like them to resume their education through online mediums, as they had the resources to do so. As a result there were no gaps in their learning during this time, this made them realise that a lot of students may not have had the same experience as they did. They wanted to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to continue with your their education, especially during this difficult time, therefore they started the ‘eProject’.

(Agastyaa Gupta)

Students who come from underprivileged families and do not have access to devices for attending online classes or communicating with educators would have otherwise been adversely affected. They partnered with another organisation, and through their resources they were able to reach out to students who needed their help. After they activated their instagram page, in hope to get more device donations, schools across India such as the Farm School Pomburpa and IDIA reached out to them which further allowed them to increase their reach and help out more students.They have been able to help over 40 students till now and hope to widen their reach. They wish to help more students achieve their goals and aspirations. Media coverage will aid the growth of their initiative and increase the number of device donations, which will allow them to fulfil their goal of helping more students.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma