New Delhi | Jagran Education Desk: India witnessed the first board result, that is, the Bihar board has released the results of class 12. Also, nation is going to witness series of board exams of classes 10th and 12 from the upcoming months. As the board results have declared, some students might have flunked in one or more subjects. Do you know words like 'Fail' and 'Compartmental' affects the mental health of students? Yes, you read that right, these two words create an unknown pressure on students, which can give rise to fear of exams or examination anxiety.

How Fail & Compartmental words affect the mental health of students?

These words severely impact the subconscious minds of students, some students take drastic steps like suicide, while others develop a fear of exams. The effect of negative words like Fail and Compartment creates stress and pressure resulting in 'clinical depression. Not just this, it also shakes their confidence and makes them weak.

What can be used in place of Fail & Compartmental?

CBSE has updated the mark sheet by tagging students who have flunked in more subjects as Essential Repeat in place of Fail. However, Compartmental has not been replaced as officials didn't get enough suggestions. The board had suggested a special exam, supplementary exam and second exam.

How to reduce Result stress?

1. Analyse the reasons behind the failure

2. Be positive for your next attempt

3. Stop fretting about your failure

4. Change your approach

5. Follow a different strategy for the next exam

How to reduce Exam stress?

As the exams are knocking on the doors, students are in a hurry to complete the syllabus, unaware that stress is mounting their head. To ease down the effect of stress before the upcoming board exams, follow these essential and easy steps to enhance concentration level.

  1. Sleep for almost 8 hours at night
  2. Do exercise to release stress
  3. Ditch the junk food
  4. Reduce sugar intake
  5. Create a study schedule
  6. Reduce phone usage
  7. Listen to calming music

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv