New Delhi | Jagran New Delhi: Indian educationist and former director of the National Council of Educational Research and Training, Professor J S Rajput has said that the board examinations will be "on-demand" after the new National Education Policy 2020 and that students will be its biggest beneficiaries.

In an interview with Amar Ujala, the former member of the National Education Policy making committee, J S Rajput also said that the students who have been giving the Board exams are going to be highly benefitted as the NEP 2020 offers the option of taking the exam twice. While highlighting the benefits of the NEP, he also said that the new policy will relieve the stress of the students and parents.

“Teacher is the creator of a child and this new policy will ensure that teachers are trained well and due to this, emphasis on the training of teachers will be more. A four-year course will be made necessary for the training of teachers due to this and facilities for teachers will also be increased,” said Professor Rajput in the interview.


Talking to Amar Ujala about the ways in which it is going to help students in their studies, Professor Rajput said that now based on the preparation for the exam, the students will decide when to take the exam and which subjects to choose from and even if a student leaves the school, he/she will be able to go ahead with their own portfolio about areas of their proficiency. It is going to make a significant difference as this policy will impact in which field a child wants to build their future.


The National Education Policy has been in buzz for the last few days as it aims to revolutionalise the Indian education system and focuses on the ‘holistic development’ of the child. Bringing the changes in the education curriculum from the pre-primary level, it proposes to offer students various options and choices of subjects in the higher secondary level as well.

Asserting that NEP brought relaxation to board students, Professor Rajput said that if students are unable to give the exams due to lack of preparation or due to some other reason then they will be offered another chance. Appreciating the new policy, he also said that from now onwards, 9th-grade students will be able to pick up their favourite subject and it will hence improve the quality of education.

Changing times and trends as it seems like, the NEP 2020 has done away with the regular 10+2 system of education by introducing a more enhanced, much sought, and stage-wise system of 5+3+3+4 to conduct the teaching lessons keeping in view the need of development of the cognitive skills of the child.

Posted By: Simran Babbar