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SCO VS PNG Cricket Scoreboard

Match 519-Oct-2021

165/920.0 oversRun rate: 8.25
148/1019.3 oversRun rate: 7.59
Scotland beat Papua New Guinea by 17 runs
George Munseyc Lega Siaka b Chad Soper151030150
Kyle Coetzer (C)b Kabua Morea6610100
Matthew Cross (W)c Charles Amini b Simon Atai453622125
Richie Berringtonc Charles Amini b Chad Soper704963142.86
Calum MacLeodc Kabua Morea b Chad Soper10111090.91
Michael Leaskrun out (Assad Vala / Kiplin Doriga)9401225
Chris Greavesc Lega Siaka b Kabua Morea230066.67
Mark Wattb Kabua Morea01000
Josh Daveyc Lega Siaka b Kabua Morea01000
Alasdair Evansnot out0000
Brad Wheal
Extras8 (B0, L4, TW3, TNB1, P0)
TOTAL165(20.0 Over)
Fall of wickets:-
  • Kyle Coetzer|22|2.2,George Munsey|26|3.4,Matthew Cross|118|14.3,Calum MacLeod|151|18.2,Richie Berrington|153|18.4,Chris Greaves|158|19.2,Michael Leask|165|19.4,Josh Davey|165|19.5,Mark Watt|165|20,
Nosaina Pokana403709.2510
Charles Amini4041010.2510
Kabua Morea403147.7511
Chad Soper40243600
Lega Siaka1080800
Simon Atai302016.6700
Papua New Guinea
Tony Urab Josh Davey230066.67
Lega Siakac Matthew Cross b Brad Wheal9131069.23
Assad Vala (C)c Brad Wheal b Alasdair Evans181140163.64
Charles Aminirun out (Michael Leask / Matthew Cross)130033.33
Sese Bauc Brad Wheal b Chris Greaves242311104.35
Simon Ataic Richie Berrington b Josh Davey230066.67
Norman Vanuac Matthew Cross b Josh Davey473722127.03
Kiplin Doriga (W)st Matthew Cross b Mark Watt181111163.64
Chad Soperc Matthew Cross b Josh Davey161111145.45
Nosaina Pokanarun out (Alasdair Evans / Brad Wheal)1100100
Kabua Moreanot out6101600
Extras4 (B0, L2, TW2, TNB0, P0)
Total148(19.3 Over)
Fall of wickets:-
  • Tony Ura|5|1.3,Lega Siaka|20|3.3,Assad Vala|30|4.5,Charles Amini|33|5.3,Simon Atai|35|6,Sese Bau|67|11.3,Kiplin Doriga|120|16.2,Norman Vanua|128|18,Nosaina Pokana|135|18.4,Chad Soper|148|19.3,
Brad Wheal4041110.2500
Josh Davey3.301845.4500
Alasdair Evans302217.3300
Mark Watt402315.7510
Michael Leask201105.500
Chris Greaves3031110.3310
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